This post was originally printed in the Reno Gazette-Journal’s “Faith Forum” titled “Can we find God through meditation?”

Meditation is a spiritual technique to turn one’s consciousness inward on ‘that’ which is  the source of all consciousness. This inward focus strengthens one’s ability to know  their true nature, the “atman”, the being or soul. When in meditation we turn our attention away from the outer world, inward on our ‘true’ Self, we become more and more  connected with the essential quality of existence that lives within us, the “Sat”, the eternal  Truth. In this state one experiences greater and greater silence and stillness. In time this shifts how we experience ourselves and our lives. We are more able to let go of  things that use to sweep us away. We step out of the life of karma and bondage into  oneness and freedom. Then even in our outer lives, we can bring aliveness, clarity and  vigor, handling the demands and responsibilities of the day to day with greater wisdom, detachment and peace.