Ethan Property Campaign

Ethan Campaign$606,440$610,000

Total needed: $610,000

Raised to date: $606,440

Need to raise: $3,560

The Washoe Center and Satya Mandir Temple

Satya Dharma – Center for Truth Consciousness located in Washoe Valley, Nevada, USA, is dedicated to serving seekers who aspire to become instruments and channels of the Supreme Being. Created by Sat Shree out of his intention to show a path for humanity for the manifestation of Truth Consciousness, it is the spiritual refuge for those who have been longing to realize the ultimate truth of their own divine nature, and their purpose on this Planet. Our ultimate purpose is to create a base by which the teachings of Sat Shree can go into the World to open the way for a New Humanity.

The Center currently consists of four houses, each of which is its own training facility where people come together, not only to immerse themselves in the spiritual atmosphere, but also to engage in various study groups and programs that occur weekly.

The Ethan Property

The Ethan Property is located directly across from the Satya Mandir Temple and Sat Shree’s and Satyamayi’s residence in Washoe Valley. With the purchase of this property, New Dharma will have access to 13 contiguous acres, which will give New Dharma a secure base in this physical dimension to support the work of Sat Shree.

The Ethan property consists of 6 acres, a house which accommodates 6 residents, a barn which accommodates 2 residents, and a meditation hall.

New Dharma is currently leasing this property and the owner has given us until the end of June 2021 to complete the purchase.

An Invitation to Contribute…

“I have always felt the SAT force needed a place – a place to land in this physical world in order to create a lasting shift in this planet.

The construction of the Satya Mandir and now the purchase of the Ethan property will secure that place for the Supreme to Manifest, not just for us now but for the million generations still to come.

I invite you to join with us in the purchase of the Ethan property. This purchase will secure the physical base for my work to open the way for a New Humanity. This purchase will provide a secure refuge for those who long to realize their divine nature and to manifest their purpose on this planet.

The way you can join me is through a financial contribution to New Dharma for the purchase of the Ethan property. Your gift, in whatever amount you contribute, is greatly appreciated.”


~Sat Shree

Ethan property

Ethan property main house

Ethan property barn and meditation hall

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