Satya Dharma Retreats

Located in Washoe Valley, Nevada, the Satya Dharma Center (SDC) is dedicated to serving seekers who aspire to become instruments and channels of the Supreme Being. 

Created by Sat Shree out of his intention to show a path for humanity for the manifestation of Truth Consciousness, the SDC is a spiritual refuge for those who have been longing to realize the ultimate truth of their own divine nature and their purpose on this planet. People from around the world come for short-term and long-term retreats and many students over the years have chosen to become residents and consecrate their lives for a period of time to support the teachings of Sat Shree to go out in the world.

The Center currently consists of the Satya Mandir which is a temple for the Sat force as well as Sat Shree’s broadcasting studio. It also includes four houses, each of which is its own training microcosm for people to come together to immerse themselves in the energetics of the Sat force, to practice applying the teachings and core principles and to engage in various community  activities that occur weekly. 

The Retreat Opportunity

Doing a retreat at SDC offers a special opportunity for students who have a longing or aspiration for something greater and are aligned with Sat Shree’s work. The retreat often can accelerate their spiritual awakening by committing to a way of living to manifest Truth, Consciousness, and Love. Staying at the SDC is an invitation for students to increase their capacity to connect to the Sat force and to practice principles and actions that support living a more authentic and divine life.


Opportunities for those who live and visit the SDC on retreat include:

  • To come into greater contact with the Sat force and its impact on one’s system by being in the birth place of Sat Shree’s awakening and teachings;
  • To join Sat Shree for scheduled in-person programs and retreats and to receive his transmission;
  • To join with other guests and residents to live a purposeful life by practicing and making real New Dharma’s core capacities;
  • To join with the community in the spiritual practices of meditation, self-reflection activities such as inquiry, study, and small groups, World Peace/Awakening meditation, yogic techniques, and others;
  • To join in seva (service) projects to support the local and global community;
  • To dedicate daily periods of time to be in silence, stillness, introspection, and contemplation, as well as periods of time to be in relationship and fellowship with others in the community. It is through the quietude and turning inward that we come to know ourselves, both the light and the dark.

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Planning a Visit

Personal Retreats

Guests are invited to apply for a personal retreat of a few days up to three months. Applications are reviewed by Sat Shree and/or a designated trainer before approval.

Program Retreats

Program retreats are for guests who register for in-person Sat Weekends, Six-Day or Nine-Day retreats, and courses.

To apply to stay at the SDC please view the residential agreement and complete the application below. The SDC Guest Coordinator will be back in touch within 7-10 days of your application and be available to answer questions. If you would like to speak to someone now about planning your retreat, please reach out to


View the Residential Agreement, Terms & Conditions, and Liability Waiver

Living in community provides the opportunity to remember who we are, why we are here, and how to be with life as it is arising.


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