New Dharma App on Mighty Networks

The New Dharma App, powered by Mighty Networks, is a global network for the teachings, news and announcements of Sat Shree and New Dharma participants. This is also a community network featuring posts, events and announcements by New Dharma app members. Access to the app is by invitation only.

Please read the posting guidelines before joining:

This online platform is offered by New Dharma to support all who long to realize the ultimate truth of your divine nature, and thus your purpose on this planet. We invite you to share insights and revelations that arise along this path, and explorations of the teachings of Sat Shree and his lineage. But we ask you to please refrain from philosophical stances, political opinions, advertisements, promotions, or personal views on current issues. As Sat Shree says of those inclinations, “Let it go, let it be. Stay in the simplicity of your own life.”

Before you post, we invite you to:

  • Imagine you are in a satsang with Sat Shree and the New Dharma community.
  • Take a breath and connect to your heart’s knowing and your body’s wisdom.
  • Share from your own lived experience.
  • Connect to the impact of your contribution on this sacred container.

Please note that posts that do not follow these guidelines or that disrespect others or violate someone’s privacy may be deleted by site administrators. We thank you for your collaboration and co-creation of this sacred space.


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