About New Dharma

Sat Shree and Satyamayi

Sat Shree and Satyamayi, Co-Founders

New Dharma’s Mission is to cultivate a way of living that is in constant, immediate contact with the Divine principle that governs all life and by doing so create a new truly sustainable future for humankind through education, training, and demonstration projects.

New Dharma is a nonprofit organization operated as a 50l(c)(3) founded in 2009 by Sat Shree, New Dharma’s spiritual director and co-founder, along with his wife and spiritual partner, Satyamayi. The New Dharma community is located in Washoe Valley, Nevada the birthplace of Sat Shree’s awakening. In addition to being a platform for Sat Shree’s teachings and retreats, the organization provides a structure where students are given opportunities to expand their capacities to serve as channels and instruments for the divine.

Board of Directors

Agnipriti (Caroline Ryberg)
Natalie Jones
Robert Stephson

Operations Manager

Satartha (Scott Usedom)


Natalie Jones

Dharma is a Sanskrit word that means one’s way or path in life that is aligned with one’s role or purpose in the world.


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