We can break out of our little self and its conditioned habits of being and living. We can align ourselves with our divine nature, our universal Self and see this Peril clearly and equally recognize the purpose that it is calling us to align with.

We are in the midst of a worldwide pandemic. It is not just impacting the world; it is impacting almost every aspect of our individual daily lives and will have consequences long into the future. But it is just the offspring of the real peril, the mother of all perils: the climate crisis due to global warming. This pandemic is the leading edge of a change that will not only impact every aspect of our lives but one that endangers us all, our species and perhaps all living things. 

This pandemic is just one symptom of the great climate crisis that is already upon us. In fact, global warming is a direct outcome of a naïve ignorance of the developed world as it has expanded into these modern times many of us enjoy. It is a debit that has been accumulating that will deeply impact the future of us all. This debit has been growing for decades and is now coming due. This current crisis is the price of not recognizing the facts or preparing for the consequences of climate warming. The denial, the greed, the false narrative, and the inherent inability of us humans to recognizing the scope of this mother of all perils is now creating consequences we can no longer ignore. A debit is coming due and we may not be able to pay. 

The Purpose 

The purpose of the peril this pandemic presents is to wake us up from our slumber. As a species we have lost sight of the natural order that has preserved life on Earth up until this era. We have lost sight of this order, what the Bhagavad Gita calls Dharma. The purpose of this peril is ultimately to reestablish this Dharma, to restore the natural balance.  This is true in our individual life as well as collectively as a species. There is no other species that can do this. 

The purpose of all perils is to wake us up to our responsibility so that Dharma can be reestablished. The entire Bhagavad Gita addresses this, beginning with its first chapter. We awaken when we become aware of the consequences of our errors. All awakenings have stages and here the first stage is felt, in our body and heart. This experience is called dejection. It can show up as an experience of hopelessness or despair at first. But ultimately it leads us to understand the nature of our errors and how to correct for them. This is how we reestablish Dharma. 


We do this by taking action, which is another word for karma. Karma is both action and the consequences of action. It is what can allow us to align with Dharma. In doing so we seek to understand what to do and what not to do. We learn how to minimize the costs of our actions. When we take the necessary actions we are aligned with Dharma and the consequences are less; if we are not aligned then the consequences come, either to us or to others. If we act correctly we align with Dharma and reduce our debit; if not, we add to our debit instead. This is how natural law works. It is the same principle at work, whether you are spending more money than you make, or exploiting Earth’s resources beyond what is sustainable. 

Dharma – Right Action

Dharma is those actions taken that are aligned with this natural order. These actions allow us to correct the imbalance and create a sustainable future for both us and the planet. If we do not take these actions, however, then be assured there will be more lessons coming, each greater than the previous until we finally wake up and take the corrective actions, both individually and collectively as a species. All these lessons are the consequence of forgetting our relationship with the Mother, of not living aligned with Dharma, with the natural order that allows for the sustainable evolution of humankind. 

The attack of 9-11 was a similar wake-up call. It awakened us and the world to the hidden consequences of not living aligned with this natural order. The desperation, rage and destructiveness, the hopelessness, the poverty, ignorance, inequality and the insidious growth of fanaticism among the desperate and hopeless was also a wake-up call, but one we reacted to, rather than truly responding to. In the process we created over a decade of war and devastation, yet we did not address the underlying problem. Rather we tried to kill it, to suppress the cry of those who carried the greatest burden of these imbalances. We lost the opportunity to align with Dharma. 

The Opportunity

Now another opportunity has come, this coronavirus pandemic.  The whole world is being impacted. Our lifestyle, our family, our communities are all being drastically disrupted. It is a war, comparable to the great wars of the last century. This too is a wake-up call. It is waking up the world from its slumber, calling up all of us to recognize the consequences of our assumptions, choices and actions that we as a species have taken for granted. Our lifestyles and choices cumulatively, as well as the role each of us has unwittingly played, have set the stage such that a simple virus can threaten the very foundation of the current world order. And like all consequences of this sort, the innocent carry the greatest share of the burden of our collective error. 

The World Mother

We are all children of the World Mother. She holds the Dharma for the sustainable evolution of all Life. These are the foundational principles of Life, including that there is only one Earth, one home for all of us. That we thrive when we share and work together. That each of us matters. That what each of us does or doesn’t do matters; that it impacts all of us. These are all self-evident truths. If we listen to the wisdom of our heart and body rather than the fear and judgment of our minds, we can know this. If we are awake enough, then we can recognize how rare, precious and yet fragile Life is.  

The Mahabarata – The Final War

The world has entered the Mahabarata, the great battlefield of the Bhagavad Gita, where Dharma is reestablished. Just as it is written in the first verse of the first chapter of the Gita, we as a species have entered the field of Kuru, the field of karma, of action, where the consequences of past good and bad actions are worked out. But now in this age it is not just a divided tribe in India; it is all of mankind. And like the Gita we are divided into two camps, those aligned with Dharma and those who are not. I have come for this time, as many like me have. We are here to play the role of Krishna for the Arjunas of the world. 

The World Mother also carries the burden of this error, this adharma. These are the consequences of actions where Dharma is forgotten or ignored. But now this burden has become too much for Her to carry. She needs us, her children, to help. She cannot do this without our conscious collaboration, lest the opportunity of humankind be lost. We are the best she has; we are Her only hope. We are our only hope. Without us waking up and coming to responsibility for our role at this time it will be impossible for Her to sustain us. 

Yet, like all mothers, the World Mother cannot control her children. They make their own choices and, as all mothers learn, She can only do so much to protect them from the consequences of their actions when they do not listen to Her direction. So we have a choice, each of us, but most of all those of us who have awakened to the spiritual truth within. For we are the best the Mother has. We can see beyond our narrow self-interest. We can break out of our little self and its conditioned habits of being and living. We can align ourselves with our divine nature, our universal Self, and see this peril clearly and recognize the purpose that it is calling us to align with. 

Reestablish Dharma

This purpose is to reestablish Dharma. It is to realign mankind to these fundamental truths in order to preserve the opportunity we as a species carry. It is to reestablish Truth and Justice, in order to nurture the awakening souls who have come to serve this purpose, many of whom do not yet know this is why they were born. But when they meet us, when the hear of us, they are called to the mission of their life.

My work, the work of New Dharma, is to support you who can hear this message to do just this. It is the purpose of New Dharma to reestablish the eternal Dharma during periods of darkness, periods of transition like the one we are in now. It is to strengthen the virtue and to destroy the error that has caused this peril. I invite you to join me in recognition that now is that time. We must wake up and see what in us is still resisting or denying, rejecting or rebelling against what is being asked of us. To grow up, and become a partner with the World Mother to correct this imbalance. 

This is my message. May Truth Manifest

Sat Shree