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The Bhagavad Gita Revealed

A Living Teaching for Our Times

Part 1, Chapters 1-6

By Sat Shree

“Transformation is a naturally occurring process of one’s awakening. It is a very mechanical process of unfolding. As consciousness wakes up, it begins to let go of its identity as a biological being and starts to identity itself with its original source—which can be experienced and known.”

~Sat Shree

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Living words from readers…

“As I read Sat Shree’s words every cell in my body began to vibrate with the thrill of his invitation to play a unique part in bringing a shift of consciousness into the world.  Could this really be possible? Yes…a deep longing coming true! His revelation of the Gita as a living scripture makes crystal clear the purpose of each human life and a new possibility for personally living into such purpose. Thank you, Sat Shree from the most profound gratitude I can know.”

Sheila J Ramsey, PhD; Founder-The Crestone Institute and co-author Making a World of Difference-Personal Leadership: A Methodology of Two Principles and Six

“Are you interested in deep spiritual wisdom combined with modern psychology? Do you want to accelerate your spiritual growth? Sat Shree’s The Bhagavad Gita Revealed explains ancient wisdom in today’s English for your mind and touches your heart with love and truth. Just read it and your spirituality will blossom!”

Michael Larsson, trauma psychologist, Sweden

“Sat Shree’s words provide a clear understanding of the Gita and open the reader to a living experience of the universal spiritual journey back to the truth of one’s Being.  Between and through the words is a powerful transmission that awakens and accelerates this deepening into Truth.  Open this book. Open yourself to what comes through this book. Read it, receive it and absorb it.  Allow yourself to be penetrated by the Truth that you are.”

Melinda Edwards, M.D.

“In a unique way Sat Shree makes the eternal message of the Bhagavad Gita available to the Western reader, describing in simple and clear language the stages of the seeker´s journey towards the discovery of the Truth of who we truly are. The author´s way of presenting the profound wisdom of the Gita not only inspires intellectually, but clearly also has a strong trans missive quality that affects the reader on the level of heart and spirit. Simply a very precious book for any spiritual seeker!”

Dr. Barbara Hansson, MD, Sweden

“Sat Shree shares his understanding of the journey of Consciousness by referencing his own experience and giving a thorough, practical and very down to earth guide to the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita. His writing is direct, conversational and engaging. His perspective is in alignment with the Transpersonal Psychological viewpoint that Life is essentially sacred and meaningful. He stresses the opportunity and advantage in having a Teacher, such as himself, who has both the theoretical and actual experiential knowledge of the Gita’s maps of Awakening and his book demonstrates the breadth and clarity of his teaching. This book is a rich and valuable guide to gaining access to the wisdom of this ancient powerful text.”

Alain Allard , Psychotherapist (UKCP), Director “Moves Into Consciousness”

My mission is to assist people in reaching their highest possibility so they can play their part in this shift. This is not something I do; rather it is an opportunity that arises spontaneously from 'What' I am. I invite all to grow into the realization of this 'Whatness' and share this opportunity. I represent a new possibility of being that is open to all of humanity.



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