New Dharma Mentoring

Mentoring Sessions

For mentoring sessions Sat Shree has sanctioned mentors to assist and support sincere and committed spiritual beings. Each mentor knows the nature of the journey and has experienced what it is like to live and work in the cauldron of spiritual transformation that occurs around Sat Shree. Each mentor can guide and support you with their own unique gifts.

How to book a mentoring session

Length: The call is up to 55-60 minutes

Cost: There is a suggested fee for a mentoring session. The mentor will provide details.

  1. Choose one of the New Dharma mentors listed below.
  2. Click on the picture or more text for each mentor to learn more about their spiritual journey.
  3. Email the mentor directly to book and schedule the day and time for the session. Email addresses are provided on the mentors’ profiles. A payment link, available times for the holding the session, and any other information is provided by the mentor.
“Each New Dharma facilitator and mentor is a capable and developed spiritual being in their own right; each can guide and support you with their own unique gifts.”
~ Sat Shree


Schedule a mentoring session with one of the New Dharma mentors below.


Christa Ray

(United States)

Guiding sincere aspirants to uncover the embodied Truth of their Being as a direct knowing and experience is my great joy. I hold a sacred space for healing (‘to make whole’) to unfold through grace. More…


Satartha (Scott Usedom)

(United States)

We are all on our own unique path to self-realization and New Dharma has given me the structure and clarity to move forward on this path in a purposeful way. More…


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