Yogic Techniques Program

Welcome to the Yogic Techniques program. People in the New Dharma community have informally been learning a set of spiritual techniques that Sat Shree had learned and taught for years when he was with his teacher, Sri Atmananda. However, he has not felt the need to continue to do so until recently. 

These techniques have opened new vistas in people’s systems and for many, allow a new and deeper connection to their bodies, awakening new ways to embody and to be in life. These techniques awaken the hidden capacity of our body to know and experience existence, in ourselves and in others. 

Now, with the help of a team of people experienced in the practices, over 80 people have learned or are learning these techniques. The team is now ready to bring these to the broader community of people linked to Sat Shree and New Dharma. Working with these traditional spiritual techniques that are empowered by Sat Shree’s force, a unique new medium is now being made available for all. These yogic techniques have proven to be an excellent supplement to the other programs that New Dharma provides. This is why New Dharma is providing an online platform for this to manifest. You can learn more about the practices, select a trainer, and sign up.

The Yogic Techniques Program has two modalities: learning for yourself and teaching others 

You can learn the techniques, and once you are well practiced, you can learn to teach these techniques. The program, like all New Dharma programs, is developmental. That means it provides a path of growth that takes us into a deeper relation with our body, empowering us to become a more capable instrument and channel for being useful in serving the world. Both trainings further deepen and strengthen your system, to align with this work preparing you for manifestation.

There are two main techniques: Elementals and Chakras

The current program starts with learning the Elemental technique. This consists of a series of mantras. Chanting them activates, balances, and stabilizing the elements in your body of Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Ether. Next, if you choose, and you are stabilized in the Elementals, you can learn the Chakra techniques. Again, this consists of a series of mantras. This and chakra techniques. You first learn the five elemental techniques. Once stabilized you can then learn the six chakra techniques. 

This program can take over a year to become stabilized in the Elemental and the Chakra techniques, though you are not required to do the Chakra techniques after learning the Elementals. The program requires a sincere commitment on your part, not only to get the value but to bring these fully into your system and into your life. Your sincere commitment is the key here. Many have learned these techniques, but few have followed through, and thus have missed the opportunity of what is being made available. So it is your sincerity and commitment that will make these work for you. 

If you feel to participate, or what to learn more, click here to join the New Dharma App and look for the course titled Introduction to Yogic Training Program. There, you can learn greater details, fill out the application to learn the Elemental techniques or the Charka techniques and schedule an appointment with a teacher you select. At this time there is no set fee for these trainings. However, a “dakshina” is requested, which will go directly to the teacher who will then give a small portion to New Dharma. 

Meet the New Dharma Elemental and Chakra Technique Trainers. If you would like to work with one of these trainers,  contact them from the email below each of their biographies.


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