This is a transcript of the Invitation to the New Dharma Fellowship held on December 10, 2023.


“We are the heart. We are the auspicious element that carries a possibility for the unfolding of an original intent that exists, (an original intent) far older than our Arunachala.”

I’m going to be the speaker right now. They gave me 15 minutes, but we’ll see. I just want to be clear that it’s not my show, it’s actually your show. It’s really important to get this because this is a timeless moment of now where we gather intentionally together, in the recognition of a principle that’s unspeakable, yet ancient, in the core of each one of us.

So, this is a demonstration. This is a manifestation. This is a showing of what was always there from the very beginning of my awakening, my realization, a showing of Satyamayi’s and my work in the formation of New Dharma.

I told Satyamayi this morning, “I’m so full”. Everything is here. Everything is here now, for me.

It’s been a helluva year and so has the last three years. But this year especially so. When I went to India this year, I knew I wasn’t going back. I knew that there was no other place. I knew that Arunachala resides here.

What is Arunachala?

It’s a mass of stone that was carved through nature, probably before humanity came into existence. A mass of stone in which people in India walk around, recognizing its auspicious presence as a symbol.

Now, it’s not just a symbol.

You have millions of people walking around this mountain. So it’s something that humanity has created, at least in that part of the world, as a moving into relationship to something that’s extraordinarily auspicious.

What is “auspicious”?

It’s something that carries a possibility beyond what we know. “Auspicious people” are those who can bring forward something that’s possible
that hasn’t been available. I am right now surrounded by auspicious people.

You are all auspicious people.

It’s funny how “suspicious” and “auspicious” are so close!

But that would be how it is. The nature of the recognition of the whole of us is evidence of the Truth that’s come within us.

I call it “the SAT” and “the Asat”.

So Arunachala not only represents something ancient. It also represents something unmoving and unconscious. As a matter of fact inconscient, itself.

But we’re something different.

We’re something that awakens that inconscience. We’re something that awakens to the inconscience, and thereby, the inconscience comes into existence through us.

We are the leading edge. We are the soul of this physical world. Just like we are the soul of our own bodies.

We are the heart. We are the auspicious element that carries a possibility for the unfolding of an original intent that exists, (an original intent) far older than our Arunachala.

So when I came here, there was this recognition that something had landed in me — despite all my knowing and all my experiences and all my teaching – that hadn’t been there before.

I own the territory of my eternal nature as a person. And it owns me.

It’s the fulfillment of all devotion. It’s the fulfillment of all longing. And what’s there, when I’m not in these moments with you, is fully human. More fully human than (at) any other phase of my life.

In 11 days I’ll be entering the fourth quarter, the last phase of this life. That’s the Winter Solstice. That’s the day I was born. I was born 27 minutes after the transition of the Winter equinox.

I am preparing, I’m moving into that last quarter of my life as a human being, but also as a divine being.

So the first phase was, of course, the first 25 years of my life. As it is for all of us. We organize as a person. And then, from 25 to 50, we bring that into our lives. The third phase is we complete and mature. We come to the fullness of what we’ve created.

Good or bad.

High or low.

And the last phase is we prepare ourselves for our transition. For most, (this last phase), it’s a terminus, it seems. The end of the fourth quarter is the end – so it would seem.

But it’s not.

This cycle, like the seasons, endlessly repeats. Until we break out of it. Until we’re something other than what we imagine ourselves to

I’m an auspicious being. I’m surrounded now by auspicious beings.

You will see today a demonstration of this new phase. It will not be “me forward”, it will be “you forward”. I don’t need to step back. I’ll stay, but I’ll be different.

But, it will be more powerful, because you will have me. Your ability to enter into the next phase of your life, whatever phase of life you’re in, will be empowered by the quality of what I carry. This possibility, the evidence that it’s actually possible, is here before you.

And, as it is when you come to that place for yourself, you will see it in others. We all carry an innate, sacred principle, worthy of respect, worthy of regard. No matter how shrouded, or (how) stuck one may be, at whatever phase of their life. In this way we are all equal, and of the same substance.

Now, what’s unique today is that it’s addressing the practicalities of what is now unfolding. These are not just words that Robert is sharing, this is a fundamental “handing over to you” the responsibility of carrying what this mission is about into your lives, with each other, for the world. This mission, at some point, transitioned, and it became “for the world”.

Before, it was “each person at a time”. For me personally, I am working with each person at a time, who is committed to manifesting this work. I will empower the quality of what they’re becoming, so that it can become theirs.

This is my intent.

On your part, it will be a commitment to engage and to contribute to the possibility that this is now bringing forward. So that it may manifest. Not that it goes and gets absorbed, and lost in the diffuse-ness of the times that we are in.

But to become like an Arunachala, to become a stand for a principle and Truth of existence, which is the foundation of what it is that can hold the unfolding of this transition that humanity is in.

It too, is in the last quarter.

It too, is preparing itself for something that has not been true in the previous quarters.

We are in that time. We all have a responsibility. The invitation is to get engaged. To take action.

“Karma Yoga” means to commit yourself to actions aligned with your purpose. Our purpose is for humanity. But for humanity in the sense that it is for each of us to become a more capable instrument and channel for these eternal realities to manifest through us, for others to know for themselves.

It takes everything.

The little sacrifices that’ll be asked of you today are just a small portion of what needs to be sacrificed, in order to become evidence of that auspiciousness in your lives, for others.

This is where my focus is. I’ll be leaving this room in a minute or two. I leave it in your hands.

The fate of this possibility, this New Dharma Fellowship, it won’t be about me. It’ll about be about you, and each other, and the world.

That’s my call.

That’s my invitation.

And that’s my intent.

So I bow to each one of you, in recognition of this principle that you carry, in recognition of the auspiciousness that’s the Truth of you. It is my wish for you to know this, not just as a human being, but as a divine being. So that you can know that you’re worthy, (worthy) to be the means for the universe to find its voice, (to find its voice and in that finding) to manifest what it is in Truth, so that it can come to this world.


I bow to you, Oh Supreme One.

I give, and have given all that I can.

It’s now in your hands.