“Meaning gives life to our lives, bringing a richness and depth that enlivens and fulfills. We can experience this for ourselves. It is not an abstraction. It is the most real thing that can be known or experienced.”


~ Sat Shree

We consider each donation as a great gift of love and truly appreciate the support offered by participants to make Sat Shree’s teachings available to so many.

New Dharma is a non-profit organization based in Nevada, USA, which supports the distribution of Sat Shree’s work to reach those seeking his spiritual guidance. New Dharma also facilitates all work and activities taking place in Satya Dharma – Center for Truth Consciousness.

New Dharma relies on your support through donations. To offer your support to New Dharma and Sat Shree, it is possible to contribute through a single donation. For those who accept Sat Shree as their teacher, we ask that you become a monthly donor which helps with ongoing costs.

Your gifts will help to support…

General Fund

Non-allocated donations will go to New Dharma General Fund. This fund supplies much needed money for daily operations, staff salaries, supplies, and updates to the Satya Dharma.


New Dharma provides financial support to those who wish to participate in various events but are unable to attend due to financial limitations.

Scholarships are available to those who wish to attend events (in person or online) or visit the Satya Dharma – Center for Truth Consciousness.

It is through the generous support of Sat Shree’s students that we are able to offer these services.

Satya Dharma – Center for Truth Consciousness

Your donations help us to support the running, improvement and development of the Center.

Satya Dharma – Center for Truth Consciousness located in Washoe Valley, Nevada is dedicated to serving seekers who aspire to become instruments and channels of the Supreme Being. Created by Sat Shree out of his intention to show a path for humanity for the manifestation of Truth Consciousness, it is the spiritual refuge for those who have been longing to realize the ultimate truth of their own divine nature, and their purpose on this Planet. Our ultimate purpose is to create a base by which the teachings of Sat Shree can go into the World to open the way for a New Humanity.

The Center currently consists of four houses, each of which is its own training facility where people come together, not only to immerse themselves in the spiritual atmosphere, but also to engage in various study groups and programs that occur weekly.


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