New Dharma Introductory Call

Introductory Call

The personal introductory call is both an entry point to participate in Sat Shree’s programs and an opportunity to establish a spiritual connection with this powerful and sacred force that comes through Sat Shree.

Who should have an introductory call?

Anyone who is called to participate in Sat Shree’s programs and who wishes to establish a spiritual connection with the force that lives Sat Shree – the current of Satchitananda.

How to book an introductory call

Length: The first call is up to 25 minutes.

Cost: There is no charge for an introductory call. However, a donation is always appreciated.

All calls are held through Zoom and in English.

  1. Click on one of the New Dharma facilitators’ photos listed below to learn more about them.
  2. Click on the Schedule a Call button provided for each facilitator.
  3. Complete and submit the New Dharma Introductory Coaching Call Questionnaire.
  4. You will receive a Zoom invite and email confirmation of your scheduled introductory call from your chosen facilitator.
“Each New Dharma facilitator and mentor is a capable and developed spiritual being in their own right; each can guide and support you with their own unique gifts.”
~ Sat Shree

Introductory Call Facilitators

Schedule an introductory call with one of the New Dharma facilitators below.

Caroline Ryberg

Agnipriti (Caroline Ryberg)


Through Sat Shree’s teachings and guidance I was given a context for what was and is happening to me. That the process of awakening had to become lived and that is the path, that life is the Yoga. I learned that everything needed to be included and how to be with that process by expanding my ability to endure calmly. More…


Satartha (Scott Usedom)

(United States)

We are all on our own unique path to self-realization and New Dharma has given me the structure and clarity to move forward on this path in a purposeful way. More…

Jon Sousa

Jon Sousa


From the first time I heard Sat Shree speak, I felt a connection and a draw. This has been and continues to be a palpable felt sense in my body. There is a calm, clarity, and a faith that comes through my connection with Sat Shree and with the New Dharma sangha. More…


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