“Every human being is an expression, a container, for all that has ever happened, that is happening and that will happen.”

I’m quite excited. I can feel a very large force behind me today. It’s been building for a few days. I recognize that there is a time…these times that we’re in right now are so extraordinary. And it is not easy to get the long view for what is in our faces these days where truth is the lie and the lie is truth. There is a tremendous turmoil that’s going on, an upheaval, in fact, that actually has roots and principles, which we’re going to explore today. 

We’re all going through this. Every human being is an expression, a container, for all that has ever happened, that is happening and that will happen. It is the place where it lands in each of us. So we carry it. Even if we have no access to it, it lives in our deep subconscious or inconsistent parts, it lives. So we are linked to this transition that we are observing outwardly. And the risk during this time is that we get caught up in the content, we find ourselves in a position, or a reaction, a judgement.

The way the universe is working, people are going into enclaves, little separate bubbles in their own kinds of truths and their own perceptions of lies. And it is creating an upheaval. In addition, nature is coming forward and showing humanity what’s coming. COVID has come, it’s here, it’s still with us. The entire order that we’re trying to return to of the past is not going to be able to contain or manage or do a correction for this, because it is a shift in the collective consciousness.

The source of this shift is beyond mind and intellect, positions and opinions, event that of the “good” and the “bad.” “Good” is not a powerful enough element to neutralize the “bad,” and the “bad” is not a powerful enough element to overtake the “good.” There is another force at work here that’s beyond that good and bad, evil and virtue. And that’s to bring about a shift. 

So it’s hard to know what is true. It’s hard to know what is right. The only place you can know that is within the core of your being that can rest in its eternal presence within your body. From that place, then what is consistent with your own dharma, your own evolution will be clear, will become clear. It’ll often take an action or make a commitment. And then that will reveal itself more and more clearly, and all the other confusing forces will fall away, and an alignment will come, and that truth, for you, will become your Truth. 

Your truth may not be my truth, it may not be anyone else’s truth. And that is the turmoil, that is the battlefield that we each have to work through. The issue has to do with “who do you believe?,” “what do you trust?,” “what’s real?,” “what’s not real?”. It’s all up in the air. The only place it’s not, is in that eternal unchanging portion.

This is the part I am speaking from right now. This is the one that sees the long arc of life on this planet, of existence itself. So I’m speaking to you from that paradigm, the paradigm of the larger context in which this current period of transition is showing up.

[My theory of ] “The Journey of Consciousness” is also what I am referencing here. I have already revealed that in a number of talks and in many of my retreats, especially years ago, and have also written about it in my first book, that consciousness is in an evolutionary journey. It left an origin, and yes, ultimately, it’ll come back to that origin, but it descended into a domain of existence, giving rise to Creation. A force of consciousness, with a will to become, to exist, to know of its own existence, descended into matter. It created this physical universe, it exploded in its initial intention, in the potentiality that was there, coming into a possibility, going everywhere, all time, all at once, far beyond what our science can measure or be aware of.

So this is consciousness. We swim in an intentional, purposeful current of consciousness that existed even before this universe we know, before this planet, before life emerged on this planet, much much before all that we have any knowledge of. And this current works in its own ways, in its own mysterious unfoldings, using the three waves of sattwa, rajas and tamas, to bring itself into existence, to discover that it exists. We are the means by which consciousness became self-aware. The only thing is: our awareness got associated with the body that carries the entire…all the remnants of the evolutionary journey that occurred before bodies came into existence, including the time of bodies evolving. 

So if we look at the era we’re in, we are in the epic change, an epic shift, but it’s [a shift happening] in a different domain than matter, it’s in a different domain than life as we know it, It’s in a different domain than mind or intelligence. The shift is in the domain of consciousness, which ultimately, when consciousness becomes self-aware, it becomes the most powerful and effective force in the Creation. But this [consciousnesses] is separated into our 7.6 billion parts on this particular planet.

There have been transitions before. Consciousness came into matter, and matter became life. Life evolved in its unspeakable diversities, a million or so years ago on this planet. And then came this proliferation, a huge growth of different forms of life, from the most primitive to the most surprisingly developed, considering the short period of time it came in. And these then all took their own tracks, many many perishing very early, a few surviving and evolving, coming out of slime mould and into organic biological forms and then into fish and then coming out to land and becoming the reptiles and the insects and the birds and the forms of mammal life of which we are. And we all carry this entire evolution is within us. You can look at the embryo in the mother’s womb and see it’s similarities to a fish, to a reptile, to different types of species, each with its own form and character.

So our bodies, the vessel that we inhabit, that we totally lose ourselves in, in our physical, vital, mental, intellect expressions, our body is really the only vehicle in which we could wake up and become self-aware in.

Now, how do you know that? Well, are you self-aware? Are you alive now? This [I-am-ness] is such a fundamental truth, we take it absolutely for granted. Like the air, you didn’t even question it. You don’t question your own existence–until you put the mind in. And the mind will then bring on all kinds of stories and perspectives and distortions. That’s because it doesn’t yet have a central organizing principle of its own reality.

And then everything starts making sense; when we spiritually awake, we start tapping into that centre pillar in which our physical, vital and mental evolve, and when we discover that central pillar, we get a glimpse, we know in our own being the truth of that. We can feel and experience and sense, or be aware that there’s another paradigm, something other than the one you were born into and conditioned by.

And many of us in this generation have discovered this through drugs, through circumstances, through the fact that we’re exposed to so many different types of expressions of that awakened consciousness. It’s becoming so much more accessible and more of us have the possibility of finding that self-aware, self-existent reality that lives within us. 

This is the only [kind of] place where this conversation would make any sense. It depends upon how much your mind has been trained to understand there is such a thing as consciousness, it depends upon how much you have had direct experience or awareness of this for yourself, it depends upon how much you have been exposed to teachings that have language-ed this, in different ways, throughout the known history of humanity. 

And then this [training, experience, and context] prepares you to recognize that this moment that you are existing in has a huge…background. For you to be in this moment is: all time; all life; all death; all growth; all accomplishment; all discovery; all invention; all the ability to innovate and to create and to design things, using matter, creating new possibilities. The mobilization of the energy of the planet itself, of matter itself allowed mankind to come out of its cave, and to plant crops, to organize into villages, into communities, into townships, into commerce, into what we know as civilization. Humanity has woken up from the deep obscurities of a consciousness of “we” as a species, woken up from consciousness being totally caught in the physical, like an animal but with just a little bit more self-awareness than other animals. Evolving into…discovering how things work. Like “what is this fire?” and “where is the food?” to how to collaborate and care for children and care for those who could help care for children and… This movement [of consciousness] into the organization of humanity took us through planes which would otherwise still be absolutely running this creation, the stages of physical survival, of “me first” and of the vital life force, the need to survive and to enhance and to preserve and protect itself.

But guess what? These aren’t completed within us. These are still here with you right now. They lie as part of the territory for you to reclaim, or actually lay claim to or discover. And you cannot do that from the ordinary consciousness that’s run by the physical or the vital or the lower mental. It has to be done by at least a higher awareness, at least a developed mind, at least a rational intellect that can objectify, and that can analyse and that can reason. 

Then we begin to learn, “okay, I cannot act on all my impulses when I want to whenever I want to.” “I cannot kill the people I have resentment or hatred for.” It begins to become managed. We begin to lay claim and take authority of and responsibility for those parts of us that are not aligned with the possibility of our current stage of development, whatever that may be, wherever we may be, in time, in place.

This is the battlefield that I speak of. We are literally transmuting, in our self-awareness, the evolutionary remnants, the error, the failures and the successes. And the success as a physical being is not the same as the success of the vital being, it’s not the same success as a mental being, it’s not the same success as a human being. All of these are motivating principles that lie, inherent in us, in a vast domain of our subconscious, each of them having a certain claim on our current consciousness, whether we know this or not.

So the evolutionary movement is preparing a physical and vital and mental base in which consciousness could emerge and become self-aware, and then begin to claim the territory that came out of this entire original impulse, [this entire original] intent to be, to exist, to discover what that might be.

Ultimately, [that intention is] to wake up to what we are—so that we can wake up to our purpose. And our purpose has always been to meet and transmute those undeveloped parts of ourselves that are not yet aligned with the possibility of our times.

There will always be great resistance, inertia, and momentum due to these undeveloped parts in us that were necessary to have a body, to be able to function, to live in a modern world.

Who’s in charge? Who makes this transition? Each of us. We can do it ahead of the curve of the rest of humanity, or we could be behind the curve, but the transition is inevitable. No matter what humanity does, we cannot stop the consequences of our impact on nature. It doesn’t have a braking system that works suddenly. It’s still coming. The momentum of physical matter and the laws of physical matter are not going to stop because we’re changing our behaviour. It’s going to go…. 

There’s a point where it’s going to have consequences. And we’ve crossed that point. Great consequences are going to come. Far beyond our generation. Even if we do the best. 

So we must recognize that this transition is here and what recognizes that in you is the one that can learn to adapt, to evolve, to grow into the right relationship of the times we’re coming to, with both the humility and that sense of strength that comes from having a purpose, that “my job is to be here and to meet these times and to find these parts of myself that so easily gets overtaken during a time of transition.”

To find that one place that can know that life has a purpose, that it is evolving…the important fact to get is that we each chose to be here during this time, knowing much more than we did previously what this era of transition was about. And we came because there was enough awakening in us from our past lives, enough wisdom, enough suffering, enough depth of being and knowing that could…we wanted to be part of this purposeful transition, to play our role, to accelerate what the lesson needs to be recognized and lived and learned in ways that wasn’t possible before.

I know this is true for me, doing this work as a spiritual teacher. I know that I constantly see, both in myself and in others, what is not yet awake enough to recognize the full responsibility of their…of your own purpose for being on the spiritual path, your own purpose for being on the planet. I see that the moods, the whims, the subconscious unexpressed desires, wants and fears are still ruling the kingdom, still determining what you decide to do or commit to, what you believe to be true or not.

This battlefield is within me, too. I struggle continuously with sorting out “is this serving?” “Is this coming from my ego?” “Is this due to huge forces enhancing parts of my ego that wants to take over or is it what the new Truth needs to be?” Is this the possibility that I am living, discovering its Truth now, versus previous truths that were not adequate to meet this time?”

Where does the resolution come? It comes in those times where I merge into the silent eternal presence that lives me. For me, this is the dominant force in my life. That is on top of everything else. And from there, I can see the way. From there, I can recognize, “yes, this is true, but this is also true.” “Yes, this you could see as wrong, but it also is serving.” “Yes, it is not how I would have done it before my awakening, but yes, it is what’s needed in this time where I am now.”  

This is a battlefield of learning how to live aligned with the evolutionary purpose of these times, and what can bring the greatest truth and love as the two measures to the world. This Truth isn’t part of the “right” or “wrong,” or “my truth” versus “your truth.” This is the presence and the knowing and the purposeful current of becoming that lives within us without a coating, that comes from a source much bigger than any one of us, but is also us, each of us.

“We’re actually just empty vessels inhabiting a physical body that breathes and eats and delights in its own existence.”

For me, the truth of this is felt. It’s directly experienced. It’s evidence of what I have known all along, from the very beginning. And it is evidence of the teachers that I had in the course of my life. They all spoke to the universal paradigm, not just the individual paradigm, not just becoming a better or more successful human, but the paradigm of humanity, the paradigm of the lost souls, of the…of the collective dejection, of the cry of the abandoned being by the ego.

We have made so many false gods, we have so many things untrue…true…things that are untrue true. We’ve made money the greatest measure of worth. We worship the material more than we do any god. We’ve lost sight of our…consequences of our actions. We are completely defended in our rationalizations and justifications, in our little groups where we talk to each other about the same belief system, the same values.

We cannot know the bigger current from that place. So the time is calling us to awaken out of our individuality into our universal nature. We’re coming to the time where each of us are going…where everyone on this planet is being impacted by the collective consciousness. It’s in a hyper state of alertness. Each day, the news, it’s like a hyper alertness. They’re assigning value and meanings to just…incidents. Incidents that are happening, momentarily, in the course…in a…in billions of lives, in all different ways, all over the planet, [assigning meanings] as if this is what’s true right now.

We can’t hold this transition from within the transition. We have to hold it from the place of recognition that is universal, at least collective, not individual. So what I speak of here is the universal paradigm, as well as the collective paradigm. We are one species. 

All living beings have been categorized by science because they have certain common genera, certain qualities, certain aspects, some of which serve and some which don’t. The human species is among those. And these species, when we’re not a human ego, all know they’re part of something. They don’t know how they know, but they have a sense of themselves and a recognition of what they are with others. The birds fly together, the fish gather, the trees grow in proximity of each other…. Nature has created it that way, and in nature, all beings know of this connection, and through that connection, they know what to do.

We human beings have lost that. We have forgotten that we’re a single species. We have forgotten that everything that is going on in this planet is actually being felt by us on the deepest levels of our consciousness. At the very fundamental principle of the organization of our physical body as a woman, as a man, as a child, as an older person, we each carry something of what’s there in the collective as being also there with us.

We may be thinking thoughts of others without knowing they’re the thoughts of others. We hang out with this group and we start taking on the characteristics of that group. Then we hang out with another group and we start taking on the characteristics of the other group, without knowing we’re doing that, because it’s the same “I am-ness” that gets identified with one or the other over exposure and time and alignment or affinity of our system.

We’re actually just empty vessels inhabiting a physical body that breathes and eats and delights in its own existence. It is our connection to all the rest of humanity that fills that empty vessel with content, with story, with emotions, with moods, with fears, with anxiety, with stresses. The existential stress of existing. Every generation carries its own little particular piece of existential stress, and they talk to each other and they go into this emerging process which rebels against the old and creates a new, imagining its better, but really just a new version of the old.

We are that. We are the empty vessel, and we are the content—unless we wake up and recognize what we are as the emptiness that’s beyond both of those. Becoming a universal being isn’t creating something. It isn’t making something happen. It isn’t you working to become a universal being. It’s a discovery that you are already a universal being. It’s the recognition one day “oh, wow, what a negative thought!  Where did that come from?  That ain’t me!  That came from something, oh yeah, it came from there!  It came from that person!  Oh, I was [in] so much sympathy for them, but they were so tortured!” And, “oh, you know, I have this terribly self-destructive negative thought, where did this come from?”

You see that you are actually an empty vessel with content trying to fill it. You find a new place to stand than where you would usually go with your own match or your own version of what you picked up. This is what spiritual awakening is about. [Spiritual awakening] is to discover what it is that you are, and what…. 

Let me give you the good news/bad news, you’re all of it. You are all of it. You’re not just good, thought that might be the current organization. In another life before, you…you were terrible, you were an awful creature; in this life, you’re a wonderful creature, everybody loves you, you love yourself. These things are temporary events that occur in the evolution of that empty content. You fill it with a happy story, a miserable story, a good story, happy story.

Those of you who have begun this journey of discovering your universal nature, then you know that when you do that, you feel empowered, you feel nurtured, you feel a love, a connection, a wonder, a discovery of your own nobility that is not based on your ego-paradigm or “self-worth” or any of the other shame structures or adaptions to that [those] shame structures that you may have. You begin to breathe with a greater gratitude, a greater recognition of the delight of actually being alive than what you would have when you were completely identified with the content. You begin to come out of that and discover the freedom of being, the freedom that carries with it a creative impulse to bring into existence that freedom, to make it real for yourself, and real for others.

This is the last phase of evolution. When we become self-aware, we’re at three quarters of the journey of the entire evolution of the creation. When we wake up to that eternal principle that was there at the beginning, that’s when we begin to complete the last phase of the journey. All of you who are self-aware can begin this journey of discovery of your universal nature. You are the ones that are bringing forth the new humanity. 

You are the creators of a new paradigm for this species. And everything on this world will follow.

We lead. Creation will follow. It will surrender itself. It will even allow itself to be destroyed by us, because it is here to support, it’s here in worship of this human species, recognizing, in its very essence, something of that within itself, not knowing, because it’s not awake enough to know, but but that is what’s accelerating its own evolution. A plant becomes a worm, a worm becomes a mouse, a mouse becomes a bird, a bird becomes a mammal, a wolf, cow, a giraffe – because of us. Because we are the highest expression of that Supreme Principle on this planet. 

But we’ve been naïve, we have been children. We have been locked up with “everybody else is in charge and I’m not.” We have forgotten…we had not actually forgotten, we hadn’t yet discovered the true authority that is here lifting humanity.

These are not abstractions for me. I feel the world turn to me, I feel it as an experience when I walk through the desert [in Washoe Valley], I feel it attending, coming to attention. This sense of “bringing this awakening into existence” is with me. When I gather with you, it’s much much more enhanced because you too are that. For both of us, for me, and for you. And I speak as if this is the one voice for us. That’s what I feel. Not what I know, not a strategy, not an assessment, not an opinion. It’s what I experience. 

I know that all my teachers were pointing to this transition. Everyone who inspired me or lifted me up in the course of my life was speaking of this “universal,” “here for the world,” “here for humanity.” So it was inevitable that this was going to happen. And for each of you who has felt that same current, that very call to be of service, then I say to you, you are already a universal being. And that you are in the process of discovering that truth, and there is nothing, nothing more important than that discovery in this world. 

It’s not even about being on the “right” side or the “wrong” side of the battlefield of this time of transition. It’s about recognizing you have a role to play for the world.And I assure you, the people that are on the other side right now, who are so angry and so ready to destroy everything, they truly feel they’re here for the collective, that they’re doing this for a mission, they’re doing it for a purpose, even though, from one vantage point, [it’s] misguided.

So this is what it looks like. We’re, as a species, waking up to the fact that we’re here for all of us, and so life only has meaning when we make that sacrifice, when we’re willing to let go of our lesser selves, our animal, our earth and water and fire elements, and to transmute them into service for a larger purpose.

We are the transmuting agency for the entire error of evolution. Not just our own, or our parents, or our parent’s parents or parent’s parent’s parents, but the whole evolution of humanity. We are here to discover and meet the darkness, transmuting it into light as a vibrational shift that will lift all of life.

It’s “cause and effect” in the domains of consciousness. When we awaken, everyone around us awakens. When we evolve, everybody around us is forced to evolve, [if] they like it or not. It’s not you or me or any one of us doing this. It is something much greater, worthy of our worship, worthy of the recognition that that principle is what’s with you, it’s what you’re becoming.

And we always need that to remind us of our becoming a universal being. We need a principle, we need a person, we need an ideal, we need an image or we need a sense of something greater. Because there’s always…as long as we’re in this dimension, we very easily lose the vantage of…that there is something yet greater. 

We live for the highest good. That word, “good,” is loaded, but we live for the highest possibility for humanity. Which includes, very importantly, yourself. And you begin to be willing to sacrifice those parts of yourself that are not up for it. You learn, not to repress them or dominate them, but to restrain them, to meet them, to know them, and let go of them. And in the process, they free up in you. They too, that piece of darkness that was all along striving to come into existence with its desire or its vengeance or its anger or its lust. When it has enough time on the stage to be recognized, to be seen, then some quantum of what was left behind that gets reduced.

We become more and more empty vessels. Our physical becomes relaxed, our nervous system quiets. We can receive the input, the attacks, the vibrations that before, the body didn’t know how to be with it. We can receive and hold it in the space of that relaxation, and allow it to just be there, not getting lost in it, not being taken down its rabbit hole, not using it to explain or justify what’s currently happening in your life. We can just see that it’s something that’s just arising, which will also recede. And in this, we become an agency of transmutation, an agency by which we start lifting the world around us. 

Often, what we take in isn’t ours. And by meeting it, we meet it for them, without them knowing it, they get lifted. And then they meet the next level of content. And at some point, they come to personal responsibility for their content. They begin to own and recognize “I’m doing this, I’m creating this misery, I’m…have a role to play in the turmoil of these times, in my complacency, in my entitlement, in my habitual habits of comfort, pleasure and enjoyment, distraction and entertainment.”

All of this can be there, none of which is wrong. But when it becomes an obscuring fog that prevents us to from knowing our purpose on the planet, then it gets in the way. It starts taking on the content of that which is yet to be revealed in our systems, and our binge-watching a NetFlix series can become a doorway to anger, to hatred, to fear, to anxiety, to doubt, to confusion. Right? All we have to do is indulge these creatures, and they become terrible. I know, we have a little dog, I can’t feed him while I’m sitting at the table, because then, he will never stop buggin’ me! So it’s true for all of our parts. They don’t know it; they’re not evil, they’re just run by more primitive structures than those that serve us. 

Coming to a place of mastery of this is to become aware of this and to be able to restrain those things that otherwise would run us, to be able to own our responsibility for it arising in our system.

This is this work. This is “the work,” not “New Dharma’s work” or “Sat Shree’s work,” this is our work. As long as we think that the power, the forces that shape what’s possible for us are outside of ourself, this is the work, to keep discovering where we unwittingly lost track, where we’ve become lost…where we’ve become so full of content that we’ve lost access to our purpose, which is to be here for the world, and thus to make those sacrifices even when our ego doesn’t want to. 

To take the actions that are aligned with that purpose is the proof of our current capacity and willingness to serve something greater. Our hearts open at some point, even if you’re an awareness being. And if you’re not an awareness being and your heart is open and the anguish and the pain of the whole world keeps overtaking you, then your awareness will awaken, and it will say “oh, this isn’t mine, this is just showing itself, this is something that’s happening because I’m so connected to everything.” And you discover then, again, that still, empty, quiet vessel that you are in Truth, feeling the love, feeling the overtaking, feeling the discerning-through-it-all, and then, in experiencing the freedom that it brings, the clarity, the end of confusion and the alignment of your own consciousness, you become the master of the domains that you have not yet mastered.

“Our future is not dependent on who’s controlling at any one time or not.”

So this is why we have this work. I went on our website today and looked at the Global Groups selection. There are so many different groups, so many different parts of the world. It’s been a while since I’ve looked, so I …And what are all these? These are all opportunities for you to implement your work. It’s to organize your system to align with a purposeful current which is, in fact, the incarnational force that’s on the planet.

It starts coming through you and starts showing you, “ah!  That is my old shit!  And this is the truth!” It starts bringing and enhancing our own ability to discern, to feel, to open up, to go beyond the structures of protection and self-diminishment and shame, vengeance and anger and resentment and projection, to discover that “it’s just the universe showing up in me and this is how it’s looking right now.” [And you then can] be the mother and the father, to restrain it, but to give it space, to know that it needs to still reveal more of itself so that you can be able to meet it [at] the level that it was created in such a way that it is no longer necessary.

We came out of two World Wars, and we were heading for a third. That was in my youth, my teenage years. I remember in Elementary School, being told “when the sirens go off, this is where you go.” Some of you are my age, you remember that. Yet we didn’t go to another war. What happened? Well, we went into a suspension. A deterrent. Because humanity began to recognize that “mutual self-destruction” was not the way forward.

And then we forgot the lesson. We lived in the complacency of those…beyond…on the other side of those times. We’ve grown used to the fact that we are, simply in suspension since that time—and that we are coming out of it now. We’re recognizing war wants to happen again. We’re recognizing the natures of the forces that took over that had World War I and World War II repeat themselves, showing up once again. Because they weren’t met, they were suppressed. They were controlled by an agreement that was, by its very structure, perishable. Because it couldn’t carry the fullness of the eternal Truth. 

Some parts of that agreement worked. After the War, we helped our enemies, the United States did. Instead of destroying them and leaving them where they were, we did what we could with the Marshall Plan and lifted up…we had their…up to now, their gratitude. They are our allies now. We converted our enemies into allies. This is the transmutation. And that is why we’re in a new time. Because of that noble act where a country, already exhausted from war, went into debt to help its enemies build back better. And this is in our lifetimes, a great movement towards a collective awakening, preparing us for the time we’re in now, where now, the true enemy isn’t the power- hungry remnants of our past, but the fact that the planet itself can no longer sustain this many people. 

The planet is being killed, dying. It wants to give everything it has for these human beings, but there’s too many now. It can’t do it. It’s losing its ability to sustain this world. It has lost its momentum for the preservation of life. The body mass of mankind plus the creatures we eat or look at in the zoo is ninety seven percent of the animal life on the planet. Only tree per cent remain from nature. We see them here in Nevada, coming up to the side of the road and gathering, the herds, looking for water, grazing, crossing the road in the dusk. That’s almost over. What’s next is not going to be that, it’ll be something else. We need to acknowledge that that is the transition we’re in. We can plant trees, we can repopulate species, but in the times we’re going into, we can’t use the nostalgia of the past as a measure of the future. I’m sorry, we’ve crossed that threshold. Another order.

It’s the death of an old, and the birth of a new. And yes, I feel this anguish, I feel this grieving. It’s not just humans, it’s all living creatures. Their time on this world is ended, or ending. And their pain and anguish of the lost opportunity is with them in the subtle world as a vibrational frequency. And we can feel that, I can feel that. Some of you who are listening to me can feel this. This grieving, this anguish, this dying of the species that sustained us is with us in this time in many ways of sorrow. 

But that is a necessary sorrow. Because it’s not done yet. It’s not over. It’s just going to be something other. What was behind physical nature is also the same great Truth. What we know in the physical dimension of eternal is outer space. You can’t overtake it. There’s too much of it.

It too is eternal, but it too is creation. Creation’s end will be far far beyond any measure of time we have, if it ends at all. It’ll more likely just cycle. So we need to understand that that’s a Truth, even though it seems so sterile, so inhumane, so u]inhabitable.

It’s good to feel this. Good to come to the recognition that all things die. All things end. And although there are subtle worlds associated with this physical world, they too will evaporate into the greater infinities. We are that eternal present that has these eras of being aware of itself embodied. The most precious precious time in an evolutionary journey is its completion, the last few minutes. 

When we come out of this recognition, what I can say is: there is a serene and solid recognition of personal responsibility for playing my part. A resolve to bring into existence something that hasn’t existed in such a way that the best of the times that have passed, and the greatest of the times that have yet to come can manifest, whatever that may be. 

I have spent moments in that future, I know it’s wondrous. When we ascend into the very highest consciousness, we are in that moment of time that has not yet happened, depending upon how close we are to the Supreme Reality. So I know the futures, I’ve had glimpses of what it looks like, and it is wondrous in ways that we can’t fully get now. It’s extraordinary in its possibilities, just like we’re discovering extraordinary possibilities of the internet.Instant knowledge, whenever you want it, from anywhere in the world at any time. We are in that state of a gestalt-ing all at once, all of it. But we don’t know it, we’re still living in our little bubble, personal self. But there’s a purpose, there’s a reason this is here.

There’s a reason this is here because within us are all the lives lived, all the lives lived of those we’re connected to, all the lives that lived before them and before them and before them.

This will not be lost. The wealth of the suffering of consciousness as it came into matter over the aeons of time, and eventually became us, is the treasure. It, if anything, will preserve a possibility for what we now know as humanity, that goes beyond this era. The Mother and Shri Aurobindo spoke of “the Supramental Creation,” they spoke of a new ordering of matter itself, one that’s not so dependent on the coating of the consciousness that is behind everything, a more energetic domain of being, where matter itself takes on a vibration that doesn’t die in the way we die. That doesn’t fail, because it carries no longer the error of evolution, the habit and the momentum of birth and death.

It carries a possibility of a fullness of experience that goes beyond anything our technology could provide. And I know it’s coming. How soon? Probably not in my lifetime. But it’s there in the subtle world, I can access it now. Yet to come. We have something to do when it comes. And if it establishes itself, in time, to mitigate what could be the very end of life on this planet. Because that certainly is what is needed.

Nature…it’s what…She’s going to do a culling. She’s going to reduce the populations. She’s going to reduce the number of people who feed off of Her. She will do it. But can she do it enough? And quickly enough? She’ll need humanity’s collaboration. She cannot do this without our conscious collaboration. Our future is not dependent [on] how many of us are on this planet. Our future is not dependent on how prosperous we may be. 

Our future is not dependent on who’s controlling at any one time or not. That’s already in motion beyond the control of most of humanity. Only a few can act as a trim tab on the rudder of the great ocean liner of life of this planet. And we can do that by aligning ourselves with the current of Truth consciousness that brings you into relationship with that empty vessel, that presence that lives within your body. And that expression, coming through us to others, becomes the means of aligning the collective consciousness with this time of transition. We can be the instrument, the vessel, the channel for this intervention force, because it is the one that can intervene in the destiny that otherwise is fixed. And along the way, we get everything. Everything you ever wanted, even though you didn’t know you wanted. Everything you ever needed, without knowing you needed it. That every Grace, every gift…everything becomes a gift, everything becomes Grace, everything becomes a Grace-full-ness, a full-of-Grace-ness, in this nobility of our willingness to go beyond ourself.