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“We are becoming a Universal Being who is being seen. We have entered into a new paradigm of possibility as a species. And the whole world is waking up to it.  The whole world is in the throes of a transition. But I am speaking now of the tipping point of that transition; the tipping point between destruction and creation has been crossed.”

Namaste. The message I’ve been getting for the New Year is wonderful. It concerns a transition which, from any other vantage point I would not know how to believe or relate to. But it came a direct experience, the evidence that the transition has happened. This transition has had its price; it has taken its toll.  

I speak of a transition in consciousness. I speak of what has come and is now here, although consciousness takes time to descend into this physical domain and fully manifest itself. So the time factor is in question. But when this experience happened, I felt it near. I feel it coming. I see the signs. 

There are some technological indications. One is that we can now, physically, actually look into the depths of the beginning of creation. The James Webb telescope can peer over 220 million light years from Earth, looking into the great void from which we all emerged. And I really sense that that great void is noticing it is being looked at. It is seeing us, looking at it. And it’s a remarkable experience: “Oh, who are they?” 

You know, what we are is not bound by this planet. There are numerous variations of what we are, in physical domains, not just in the subtle, vital, and mental planes. We humans are actually are one being. And we can actually now look into the physical origin of creation. 

Through its technology, humanity has been able to take what is true in consciousness in this dimension and now begin to perceive and to grasp the timelessness of this creation. I imagine a scientist looking at the first image translation of the infrared detected by the Webb telescope, and saying, “Oh my God, I am looking at something 300 million light years ago, near the birth of the universe. I am seeing it now. I am there now in my consciousness. I can see the light of that first eruption, the formation of early matter.”

This impact of what we are seeing in those images isn’t fully integrated yet. It’s like the impact on the collective consciousness caused by the first picture of the planet Earth that was taken from space. It is a shattering of a paradigm, of a point of view. It’s taken a long time for us to get it, but that first image of Earth from space allowed us to see ourselves as if on a spaceship in this vast, inhumane, terrible void, subject to random and fierce forces and principles that could destroy life in an instant and we would not even know it happened.

We are all on a boat, traversing territories we don’t even know we are passing through. We are so self-involved. Individually, we are caught up in our own story, our own subjective experiences, our personal point of view and what we’re familiar with and what we’ve been programmed to believe. We can only see through our programming. We don’t recognize that we are the perceiver, because we looking through filters that limit us from knowing the vastness and the truth of what we are and what we are a part of.

Another technological development was announced this year: fusion. The import of this hasn’t sunk in either. Fusion is the opposite of fission. Fission creates a repulsion of two atoms that is explosive. Fusion creates energy by merging them. It can create unlimited energy. So, we have discovered, as a species, how to hold what it takes to create a sun. 

It has cost billions of dollars and has taken many countries and more than 60 years, but they have found that they can do it. Two hydrogen atoms can be merged and produce far more energy than the process itself requires.

A Tipping Point Has Been Crossed

We are becoming a Universal Being who is being seen. We have entered into a new paradigm of possibility as a species. And the whole world is waking up to it.  The whole world is in the throes of a transition. But I am speaking now of the tipping point of that transition; the tipping point between destruction and creation has been crossed. 

All it would have taken in the Big Bang event is just a fraction, just one million-billionth percent more energy than was there at that moment of creation, for this universe to have dissipated rather than to have organized and solidified into matter. And a same fraction less of energy would have resulted in its collapsing back into itself, back into non-existence. It took one million-billionth of a difference at that tipping point to make it go this way or that way. 

In fact, we are living on the edge of this same tipping point. This whole manifest existence is in a perpetual balance between the two possibilities: existence and non-existence, the Sat and the asat. At any one time, if it moves just that one million-billionth percent to one side, then we have darkness. And if it moves that one million-billionth percent to the other side, then we have light.

When I speak of a tipping point, I am speaking about a fundamental orientation in consciousness. We are essentially consciousness. Yes, we take on a body, we take on a personality, we take on a story, and do all the things we do in the course of our life. We get distracted by the mind and our senses and our stories, so we can’t know the simplicity of the absolute principle that we carry, the essence of our soul.

We are the fracture in the universe. The tipping point out there is the tipping point within, in consciousness. Everything that is needed to be known out there is in here within if we can know, if we can experience our Eternal Self, our self-existent reality. I am speaking to what you are becoming, to what your children will become and to what their children will become. It is a different paradigm that is breaking, in consciousness. 

And it’s done. But the change is not yet done yet in this plane.

Green Shoots Are Everywhere

This change in consciousness will create tremendous disruption in the collective consciousness. It will make disruptions in physical matter, in the balance of the elements: earth, water, fire, air, and ether. It sets in motion a new adjusting that affects every part, including the organization of our atomic structure. This will go on for thousands of years. For now, for us, what I see is what a farmer would see after having prepared the soil, planted the seeds, and gone through the incubation, and is now observing the first green shoots. Everywhere I reach out to in my consciousness, not consistently, but here and there, I see green shoots popping up all around the Earth. The whole Earth is birthing this new possibility, through forms of genius, through forms of media, through the forms of appalled reaction and repulsion to darkness.

Darkness had free play here for a while. It was showing itself. It was dancing in the media, dancing in the world. It was up to creating more chaos, like it loves to do. But something has happened. And it has lost its indomitable capacity to continue. It was convinced it could continue and establish a world of its own creation. But it is losing its power. The force of light fills the gap. 

Darkness has to be experienced for light to come, and who or what experiences that darkness is ourselves, ruing the costs of our negligence, our immaturity, our self-destructiveness, and our ignorance. Our children have been born into this. They carry the burden, the poison, the collective consequence of humanity’s long history. Each of them, even if feeling devastated, is meeting the darkness, experiencing it as absolutely true. But a few among them are awakening to that within themselves that can recognize that what is happening isn’t true, that “I am something other than this.” They are coming to the place of that which can hold and convert darkness to light. This is the place within us, a place of the truth of what we are as humanity.

In all my teachings I focus on the importance of “coming to cause,” of recognizing that everything that is happening out there is actually happening within, and if you can feel it in here, then you can come to responsibility with what is in you, in each of us, and stop projecting or being the victim of it or being ashamed or diminished by it.  So we find what is happening outside in our own body, find it as pure energy without story. And this “coming to cause” is a coming to the supreme reality of what we are, a coming to the True Authority, the one who can say “no” and the one who can say “yes” without baggage, without conditioning, without pretense. That is the Absolute Reality within us. We look and seek and we find that we have a certain power and capacity to be in existence that wasn’t with us before. And then we begin to experience an existence we weren’t able to experience before because we were so bound in our conditioning and our samskaras and the vasanas of what had come before.

The Universe Wants To Be Seen By Us

The universe can now be seen by us. And the universe wants to be seen by us. It wants to be sanctioned. Just as all of us, as children, we want to know that we exist, that it’s okay to exist, that we are precious. Just so, the whole universe is begging for our attention. Look at the media, how it is entirely shaped by how effective it is at getting our attention. Our attention is the greatest resource in this universe. When we attend to that which we are, in truth, within, the whole universe attends to us. This is how we find our true authority. And with it, we discover our true dharma. 

There are those who are doing this in scientific fields, in creative fields, movies, in technology. There are geneses, beginnings, pieces, aspects of these green shoots that are showing up in individuals. Zelensky in Ukraine. Greta Thunberg. These are noticeable, but there are many, many millions of green shoots who are coming into a place of, “Hey, I make a difference. I’m taking a stand. I’m going to do what I need to do and not do what the rest of this world is not doing, if for nothing else then just to call it to their attention, to not let them stay in their comfort zone, their entitlement. I’m willing to be an insult, if needed.” These are the green shoots of truth, who can recognize and have little tolerance for untruth or for it to continue to run free and to contaminate other precious human beings. 

I am speaking of the new dharma. That’s what’s here.  It basically says, “We are all in this together.” And each of us has a role to play that is essential for all of us. For each of us and for all of us. We wake up to the consequences of our errors and the consequences of our right actions. That awakening is the beginning of the manifestation of this new dharma. And what that will be is beyond the domain of spirituality. 

We Are In A New Age

Something true and real has come. We are in a new age. It is all around us, though we take it for granted until we wake up, usually as an experience of insult. You know the saying, “Truth will set you free. But first it will piss you off.” So, Mother is going to teach us, through climate change. She is going to show us what we have to do, together. None of these accomplishments that I’ve spoken of, the James Webb telescope or fusion technology was done alone. Fusion took many countries and many years and budgets stretching way beyond anybody’s imagination. Someone had to have the faith and say, “This is possible. It’s worth it.” They had that quality of faith that allowed other green shoots to come into existence and start becoming real in this dimension. 

It is our destiny: we are growing up as a species. This little world, growing in isolation from the rest of the worlds, is just in incubation, preparing enter into an order of consciousness we can’t imagine except through glimpses one may have on the spiritual path of simultaneously existing dimensions.

Faith. Sincerity. Meaning. Purpose. The willingness to sacrifice. Letting go. Self-giving., Service. Love. Compassion. Forgiveness. These are all being renewed. This is the spiritual path. The human one. The more awake you are, the more you can travel this path.

Every one of you is part of this. You have contributed, are contributing, are in the process of contributing to the unfolding of this new dharma. From the bottom of my heart, and the wholeness of my whole being, I thank you.

The harvest is coming. Have faith. It is a serving of a purpose that is greater, perhaps, than you can know. Each of us matters. Each of us matters equally, but our ability to manifest that varies with our own capacity to be in touch with that eternal reality that lives us. So remember your purpose. Align your life so you live aligned with that purpose. And all the meaning, and all the value, and all the fulfillment you’ve ever longed for will be fulfilled in that. I can tell you, that which holds this unfolding possibility for all consciousness thanks you, loves you, sees you, values what it is that you are becoming and what it is that you had to go thorough to get there. 

In love and truth,