Going Beyond Suffering

The Get Real Workshop strives to reveal the hidden structures that trap us all in the matrix of lies and deceptions of what the Hindu tradition calls ‘Maya’, the illusion that makes the real seem unreal and the unreal. This condition of consciousness keeps us in a condition of suffering without us knowing it.

The workshop’s intent is to reveal these distortions and deceptions, lies that are taken for granted, unseen, hidden. Once revealed it is possible to realize the liar in us and then recover that which is real; to Get Real. This is the workshops structure, reveal what is hidden, realized the lie and then get real.

The workshop reveals how we create our own suffering. Much of which is mind driven…our self-doubt, low self esteem, judgment, complaint, criticism or righteousness. All are symptom of the all-pervasive condition of suffering we all live in and take for granted. It’s sad condition because is not necessary.

Life is a miracle that is sustained by miraculous forces. But it is veiled from us because we are stuck in a point of view that is not true, in a negative state of being that is not real, true or necessary. These orientations (self doubt, judgment, resentment, complaint, dissatisfaction, etc) are in fact a condition of suffering. It perpetuates itself because negativity creates suffering which in turn keeps the negativity in place; an endless loop.

It is possible to break this loop by first recognizing that we are in fact in a state of suffering. This recognition is the first step towards breaking free of this ancient, all pervading cycle of Maya. Without this recognition then nothing can change. You can’t change something you don’t even know is there.

The intent of the Get Real Workshop is to reveal these hidden structures in ourselves, to bring them into the illumination of the higher consciousness that generated in workshop so they can be clearly seen. Thus we free ourselves of their hold enough to realizing them. This allow us to come to ‘Get Real’ that is to come to responsibility or what I call ‘cause’ of our own experience. It is actually an empowering realization. It is the first step towards a state beyond suffering.

In Love and Truth.

Om Tat Sat,

 Sat Shree