SAT means existence. It is the simplest truth. It is so simple that we forget it is there. When everything is stripped away all that remains is this, the SAT, existence.

 CHIT is consciousness. CHIT is that part of us that knows, experiences and learns. The fact is Existence does not exist unless there is someone there to notice. This self-referencing is CHIT. CHIT or consciousness has two states or conditions. One is awareness, the other is attention:

  • Awareness is vast, expanded. It knows it exists but has no focus. It is not identified with any particular thing, quality or characteristic. It is a state of no-thingness.
  • Attention is just the opposite. Here consciousness is focused on a particular thing, quality or characteristic. This state of attention gives power to what it is focused on bringing whatever that is into existence.

We human beings are aware that we exist. Thus we can say “I am”. We are conscious that we exist. This is the miracle of existence. Existence knowing it exists. What the CHIT experiences is the TAT.

TAT is the manifest existence, the Creation. TAT is the ‘content’ of existence, the manifest creation whereas SAT is existence without content. Existence came firs, the TAT next. Everything there is to know or experience is TAT. Each of us is an aspect of this TAT. We are the vehicle for the SAT to know itself. It is the ‘I ‘of the ‘I am’. This ‘I’ has qualities and characteristics. It is our personality, ego, mind and body.

ANANDA is what happens when the SAT as the CHIT enters into relationship with the TAT. ANANDA is the experience of existing. The bliss of being in the Becoming. The SAT experiences the TAT through the CHIT. All three are interrelated. The SAT becomes CHIT when it enters the TAT producing ANANDA.

ANANDA includes all experience and as a by-product, all knowledge. It is what allows CHIT, consciousness, to learn, grow and expand. We all dance to this current of bliss. It drives the ever unfolding ACTION of manifest existence.

ACTION is the key principle that allows this to happen. All happening is ACTION. It is the dancing of the CHIT in the Creation, the endless arena of Becoming. We are all driven by this principle of ACTION. Everything is dancing, from subatomic particles to the thoughts in our mind. ACTION is the unfolding of the possibilities inherent in the potentiality of the SAT.

All this can be directly known and experienced as it all found within each of us. We are in fact the Existence becoming aware of Itself. The Universe wakes up as each one of US.

We are the whole thing; The SAT-TAT-CHIT-ANANDA, the ACTION of the Becoming. We are the un-manifest Existence, the manifest Creation, Consciousness, the Experiencer and Knower of all that is or occurs in this endlessly evolving field of Becoming