Based on a talk by Sat Shree, December 2013, describing the process of enlightenment and the four attainments along the spiritual path: Ego, Self, God and Truth.

I am moved to give this talk about the spiritual aspect of the journey of consciousness both to assist people who are relatively new to the spiritual journey and to remind those who are in the middle of the process that there are recognizable stages—the attainments of Ego, Self, God, and Truth.

I am not speaking theoretically. I’ve travelled through each stage and am able to move freely between them and I’ve also seen these attainments in others. But most people who have begun to awaken don’t really know yet that they are on a journey. I want you to understand that there is a beginning, middle, and end, and that it’s a process that occurs in time. And although I will be referencing this process as “attainments” it could also be described as “shifting states of being,” because of the changes that take place along the way within the one who takes the journey.

The journey of consciousness from source to self-awareness

What is it that makes the journey of consciousness? What is journeying? What is travelling? I have described this in some detail in an earlier talk, but in brief, we are each a ray of the one indomitable, unchanging, eternal Truth, or SAT. An individual ray comes from the origin, or the non-existence, into existence. We are all rays. Just as the sun sends out rays of light and heat and energy, a ray comes out of its original condition, removes itself, and descends. It comes out not knowing that it seeks to return to its source. It doesn’t know that, because it doesn’t know anything! It is just energy, moving. The only way that it can begin to know anything is by gathering qualities or characteristics that make self-awareness possible.

So this ray of consciousness begins taking on attributes, from the most subtle all the way to the most gross. It becomes more and more entangled in matter, more and more entangled into life. And in this evolutionary process it eventually takes on bodies, forms, characteristics, dropping some and adding others, and develops a sense of self. How do we know that it has developed a sense of self? We know because we are all a product of this process. We humans are self-reflective animals. If you look around the planet, we are the only self-reflective animals living here. Each of us has the capacity for reflection, a capacity to look within and question.

This ray of consciousness evolves to a point where it identifies with the matter and the life it has taken on — matter so complex that consciousness is able to wake up to itself. Basically, we humans are consciousness that has woken up to itself as matter. It’s not matter woken up as consciousness — yet.  It is consciousness woken up as matter in the form of the human body. This body is the fruit, the gem, the blossom of this 13.5-billion-year evolutionary process. The human body is the vehicle that has allowed the consciousness to wake up. It is matter that is able to be self-aware, self conscious, and reflective.

Because of the nature of consciousness, it cannot know itself as consciousness; consciousness can only know itself by becoming something other than itself. But in that process it gets completely identified with the thing it has become. It calls itself the thing it has become identified with: it becomes a separate person, an ego.”

Ego, the first attainment on the spiritual journey

Ego is another name for self-awareness. Ego lives many lives, many lifetimes, playing out infinite subtleties and varieties and experiences of ignorance and knowledge, losing and gaining, suffering and happiness. But at some point in that process, it grows fatigued and loses interest in these things. Its attention tends to stop turning outward and starts turning more inward. The individual human to whom this is happening is reaching the end of the human phase of the journey of consciousness and beginning the spiritual phase of the journey.

When the attention of consciousness turns inward it begins a transition from identifying with the human it has become to identifying with something that is initially incomprehensible. This point of transition is usually very difficult because the consciousness no longer identifies with what it was but it does not know what else to identify with. “Who am I, really?” It doesn’t even know what it’s trying to figure out. To make things worse it is no longer able to get value or fulfillment from the human existence.

Our human ego is the first attainment on the journey of consciousness, though we don’t know it. Actually, there is no such thing as an ego. It is more accurate to call it “egoing.” Yes, there are thoughts and feelings, but these things are really just expressions of egoing. Egoing is the process of consciousness identifying with a thought, spinning the thought, making the thought real, and giving it significance. And because consciousness gives its own force to whatever it identifies with (the body, the sensation, the feeling, the thought…), these things gain in importance for the very consciousness that is unwittingly giving them its attention. Through attention the consciousness transmits its own force to whatever it attends to. In turn, that thing grows in power and emphasis for that consciousness.

At this point, consciousness doesn’t know what it is except for its repetitious, habitual structure as memory, thought, opinion, reaction and story making: its struggle, its effort, its sorrow, its need to be happy or right or have things a certain way, its avoidance of unhappiness, its fear of losing control… All these things are the expression of egoing, the identification of the consciousness with the vehicle in which it woke up.

So ego is the first attainment. Let’s not dismiss it. To be a self-aware, self-reflective being, ego consciousness is the first attainment. And it only comes in human form. A machine doesn’t know it is a machine. And if you look around the planet, we are the only self-reflective animals living here. An animal is just driven by necessity. If you are an animal, there is no choice, no independent action, not even the appearance of free will. It doesn’t have enough intelligence to discern what is going on, or have the capability to perceive something other than what is showing up at the present moment. Only in the human form does this capacity exist. So ego, although it has its reflection in instinct, is uniquely human. That’s because it takes its base from its human body, from consciousness’s investment in matter. That is the foundation: a separate particle of existence that imagines it is separate—a something that can be eaten or can eat, that needs to run or fight. The movement to survive and to succeed comes from the body, ego’s biological foundation.

But ego doesn’t know it is ego. Ego is just doing ego, egoing. It doesn’t have a clue that it’s ego. And there is no way it can know itself as ego until it finds something other than ego to notice ego happening.

Motivations for beginning a spiritual path

There are different reasons why people begin on a spiritual path. One might be curiosity, intellectual curiosity, philosophy, religion, a search for the meaning of life and the four big questions: “who am I, why am I here, what is the purpose of life, and how do I live?”

So some people enter the spiritual path by being curious, inquisitive, wanting to understand. That curiosity is the ego mind trying to understand its circumstance. This is actually the beginning of waking up in the mental plane to the fact that you are an ego. You are an ego living in the ego world where everybody is egoing. And Ego loves to reinforce its position, its points of view, by creating agreements with others and by repeating its thoughts in order to develop some sense of stability, some sense of strength for it to survive, proceed, or succeed.

Then there are people come to the spiritual path because of some kind of distress; because they just lost the loved one, they lost the job, they learned they have cancer, or some trauma has occurred and they are looking for what is real, for the purpose of life, because what seemed real before this event, like it would last forever, is now gone. And in that distress, they begin an inquiry for something beyond the life they knew. Here, the spiritual path is no different than the human path in trying to find meaning, to find value, to find a reason to live or to go forward, to find the purpose behind things.

The search for meaning is inherent and drives its strength from the failure of life to fulfill you, from the failure of life to be sustainable or to keep you enchanted, happy, distracted, and engaged. At some point there is a break. I call this break “dejection”. When a soul comes to that point of distress they begin seeking something other than their existing condition. Even if their mind doesn’t know they are seeking, something in them awakens and starts moving towards something unknown.

Others come to the spiritual path because an opening happens, a spiritual experience, a glimpse of something other than the egoic paradigm, a glimpse of that which has an ego but is not the ego, that which has a thought, but is not the thought. It may be a sense of expansion, a revelatory sense of not being your body, of stepping outside of yourself and into a sense of vastness or infinity. Often there is a simultaneous sense of connection to something unspeakable. Maybe you think it is connecting to everything living, maybe you think it is connecting to gods in heaven. These are glimmers, glimpses, but once you have one, then you are a seeker of that kind of experience. You are motivated to find something other than the egoic paradigm. The experience seems to indicate there is something other than the life you have been living on up to now.

And then there are people who come to the spiritual path because the soul is mature. The being in them is connected with something greater than themselves. So when something true comes along, their ears perk up, their antenna stands up, and they say “yes, that—whatever that is—that, give me more of that,” without really knowing what that is.

The second attainment: from Ego to Self

This movement from the first attainment of ego to the second attainment, which I am calling the “Self”, is a two-fold process. The first fold is the disengagement from the habit of your egoic identification, from identifying with your life story, with your situation, your beliefs, points of view, habits. And with this disengaging, comes the second fold, an engaging with that which is not ego. I use the name, “Self”, but it is not an object you are engaging with. It is something inexplicable, something that can only be known through experience or a sense of knowing, a revelatory showing. Like turning away from the earth and looking at the sun, you turn away from your habitual orientation to something that is not fully articulate but is brighter, more poignant, more thrilling, and more real than the life you have been living.

So this thing you are turning into, in most cases, is an inward capacity to connect to that inexplicable quality of presence or existence that is the what you are. The what that lives you, that quality of existence that is living you. You get connected to something. You are not certain what you are connecting to, but you are connecting to the seed or ray of consciousness that has travelled this very long journey in this existence. And it has arrived at this point of maturity where it’s ready to come forward. It is ready to come out from its incubus, come out of its cocoon and begin to manifest itself.

In spiritual literature, there is a lot of languaging about what this experience is. But it is actually a revelation, an experiential revelation of what it is that lives you. The more you have these experiences, the less vested you are in your previous identification as an ego. And the more clearly you can see your ego– because you are now connecting to that which has an ego–the more you are actually connecting to the source of power and energy and light in which the ego derived its existence. And you start really seeing. The word “seeing” is really not adequate; you start experiencing your ego. You start recognizing and experiencing the price of living in the egoic paradigm, because now you have the contrast. You have been able to step out of the ocean of the ego and onto the shore of the Self. And in the contrast you can tell when you are wet and when you are not. That’s the nature of it as you begin to see your ego.

So even though you have attained an ego (how many lifetimes ago?), it is only when the Self starts coming forward that you begin to actually see ego. You can see the habitual structure of identification, the attachment, the desire and ambition and want and resentment, the getting even, the envy and hatred… You begin to find those. You find the ego during the process moving towards the truth of who you are, which we are calling the Self, or the Being, within you.

Sometimes you are appalled. Sometimes, when you have been in the light for a while, you are appalled to meet the part of your ego that hasn’t been able to be visible before, when you weren’t bright enough to illuminate it. You weren’t alive enough to be able to handle being present with it. Ego runs from what it doesn’t want to experience. It runs from that which is threatening. It runs from anything that would point to the fact that it doesn’t really exist. The only thing that fears, the only that wants, the only thing that desires is ego. The energy behind it is truth, beingness itself. But Ego thinks it could die. Ego is the only aspect of us that thinks it could die. It is the only one that can want something, the only thing that can suffer, the only thing that can be miserable.

So you need sufficient light, sufficient connection, to this inexplicable quality of your Self in order to begin to see the roots, the core structure, the ancestral embedment, the error, which I call the error of the evolutionary process. Each of us carries it within each of our bodies. It is that animal, lusting, cruelty, fang-and-claw condition at the foundation of biological life. And with sufficient light, you begin to meet the comparable human qualities: intolerance, hatred, violence, cruelty. You find these errors within your own system, and that can be appalling. You could be overtaken. You could lose your current fragile connection to this inexplicable new quality by getting absorbed into a very dense, dark difficult part of yourself.

This is what happens on this spiritual journey. Not just at this point, but as you progress through the various attainments your capacity to be present with the hidden, unwanted, unexperienced components of the human condition grows. You become more capable, more able to be with them, to see them, to feel them, to experience their price, their cost for aliveness, the consequences of living in that condition. The more this happens, the more you are able to connect, the more your being comes forward and longs for a stronger and more stable relationship with that which is coming.

When this process of this identifying with the egoic paradigm and moving toward a new paradigm reaches a threshold reaches a point – I call it fifty-one percent or the point of no return – where you have succeeded in going beyond the gravitational pull of the historical egoic pattern. You make the transition to where your attention starts becoming habituated to the new paradigm instead of constantly being habituated to the old paradigm. When this happens, then even if the ego overtakes you and absorbs you, the capacity of your connection to that which is coming is strong enough to pull you back out, eventually.

And so begins a process where that which lives you, that quality of existence, that quality of purity and fulfillment and connection, becomes stronger and stronger until you get to the point where you feel it is there most of the time. This feeling lets you know that you are actually in the transition of the Self. You are in the paradigm of the Self, in the vicinity of the Being, of consciousness. You haven’t realized it yet. You have been realizing your ego, seeing how real the ego is. Before, ego was just something you were; now you are seeing it. You have separated yourself enough from it that you can see what a nasty, difficult, entrenched conditional consciousness it is. But when you realize ego, it doesn’t mean you automatically realize the Self. You can only realize the Self by being in connection with something greater than the Self.

For some people at this stage, it’s like the rubber bands breaks. It just snaps. The consciousness no longer can get identified with the ego. It just breaks. It doesn’t mean the ego isn’t still there. It doesn’t mean the ego still doesn’t take over. (And by the way, ego doesn’t end until you drop your body.) But the consciousness is no longer hooked in the ego. It breaks from its identification and it becomes a profound kind of witnessing. It’s not ordinary witnessing, as when you notice how you are having certain thoughts, or how you are having certain sensations, or how you are analyzing a situation.

So there is a separation. That which habituated you to believe this ego is real can no longer believe it. This break occurs. The consciousness usually doesn’t know what has happened, but it can feel peace, it can feel calmness, it has a capacity to be quiet and serene, and in that settled, stable place, it can see ego rising up, trying to grab it, trying to hook it. And yet, it doesn’t get hooked. Ego tries but can’t get hooked. Now this rubber band breaking means the rubber band is old and brittle, it means it’s an old soul. It means it has been stretched and contracted, stretched and contracted, so many times that it is fatigued and at one time it just goes snap and it can’t contract anymore. It can’t. It can try but it can’t. That’s grace. That doesn’t happen to everyone. And you don’t necessary know what has happened. It may take years and years for you to know what it is that you now are. You are just no longer capable of getting hooked in to what you were.

When the break with ego-consciousness comes, the being is in a state of Self-consciousness, of that inexplicable quality. But you don’t know Self yet. Just as you can’t know Ego until there is an awareness of Self, you can’t know Self until you have made the next stage of the journey.

The Third Attainment: From Self to God, from Individual to Universal

In the next stage of the journey this new consciousness, this new perspective, this new paradigm of being, comes out of its individual orientation. Instead of just “me” being different, “me” seeing the world differently, the being opens up to something greater. This new consciousness begins to receive and experience energies, forces, knowledge, and information that the small me could never know was possible. It starts becoming receptive to universal forces, forces that are coming from this creation that are much more powerful. You begin moving into a new paradigm of existence where everything is known immediately. It’s a new way of knowing. Rather than thinking or analyzing or gathering new information, there is a knowingness, a gnosis, a gestalt, an immediate sense in your body of what is true. Or it’s in your heart or in your intelligence, depending upon which part of you is most transparent, most un-coded from the old egoing habit.

This new ability of gathering information starts turning towards something greater than the individual. You start moving out of the habit of the individualization of consciousness that has allowed ego or even allowed the Self, because that which notices that something has changed is still seeing itself as an individual. Now I will say that there is a kind of ego that is individualized and the sense of you having an individual existence does not go away, it just becomes purified. It becomes a loci, a point of reference from which you then experience or know what is happening, the point where “what is” starts revealing itself. That quality of purified ego allows the being to turn to something greater than itself. What was once a small, localized realization starts expanding. And when this happens, the individual system, the body that the person is still occupying, starts going through a transformational process.

When the energies of consciousness at this stage of the journey are so much greater than what is available to the individual ego then the body, the cells, the nervous system, the biochemistry – everything – has to start accommodating this increased energy. When this increased aliveness that consciousness brings comes out of its bottle, when it comes out of its box, when it comes out of its identification with the ego, then forces start changing the body. In the same way a caterpillar gets dissolved, the body is dismembered in order to be reassembled into a new vehicle more capable of carrying these larger forces.

This movement, from the individual awakened being to the universal awakened being, I call the journey from Self to God. You could say it’s a journey from the individual to the universal. You could say it’s a journey from the namable to the unnamable. You could say it’s a journey from the dual to the non-dual. And this process comes and it goes.

This stage of the spiritual journey between the Self and God is where all the big spiritual experiences happen. This is where all the big revelations come. It doesn’t mean that they can’t happen earlier, but they will be just glimmers. When they happen here, they blow your socks off and last for days and weeks. You find your body capable of holding energy that it never knew it could hold before. And this becomes your new stable, your new paradigm. It’s like you are building a whole different kind of ego that is based on the truth of what it is, based on the consciousness that abides in there, based on the what it is rather than who it is.

A unique quality of existence comes into place. This new, capable ego becomes more porous, open. I like to think of the example of a Coleman lantern. You tie up some nylon net for the light. But what do you do first, before it can give light? You have to burn it so all that’s left is an ash net. Then you turn on the gas and light the lantern. And what happens?  This mesh, this ash remnant that once was a weave of nylon becomes a vehicle by which the force, the power, can provide light and heat. In the same way, the ego becomes capable of holding and transmitting these universal forces. Essentially, this transformation is what happens as we move into the state of Godhood.

The new quality of beingness and these spiritual experiences still happen within the body. Often they are devotional, emotional. There is a sense of profound connection or intimacy. Rather than the individual connecting to the immediate environment, or to its ideas, or to its thoughts, it starts connecting to everything. And that sense of connection brings a feeling of love, of ananda, of bliss. So you move into an exalted state of which our human ego condition is a dim, dim reflection.

When one is in this stage of the spiritual journey from the Self to God, we are often so absorbed in the experiences that we don’t pay attention to our ego. We don’t pay attention to the state of consciousness we were in as an awakened individual. We are so absorbed in the transformation process that it is very hard to notice what it is that you have attained, because there’s just one thing after another after another happening, every day, day in and day out. There is a series of revelations in this process, which I call Merger, or Unity. For some, this is the movement to God as the All. This is no longer the consciousness that occupies a particular vessel: you are linked with the consciousness that occupies all vessels.

Merger versus Unity: the journey of awareness versus experience

When we talk about the process of God merger we are describing a journey of expanded experiences. When we speak of the process of unity with Truth we are describing a journey of expanded awareness. Depending on one’s nature, a person tends more toward one or the other. One whose mind and intellect is more vigorous is naturally more pulled to the awareness path, towards unity with Truth. One whose emotions and feelings are more vigorous is naturally pulled to the experiential path, towards merger with God.

On an experiential, or God merger journey, one’s experiences increase. These are enhanced experiences that derive from human experience. Take for example the experience of infatuation, the passion of a new romance. As it moves from the individual human experience and moves into love with God, the universal Being, this love feeling grows and grows and grows in intensity. This feeling impacts the whole body, creating intense bliss and ecstasy yet also great anguish and sorrow when it goes away. The greatest intensity occurs right on the threshold, when the God merger occurs. And then, it all disappears. The ecstasy becomes agony and the agony becomes ecstasy.

On the other hand, in the unity with Truth, one’s awareness expands and expands. On this path one moves through states of profound detachment and expanded awareness instead of enhanced experiences. A person on this path doesn’t carry as much of the emotional component of the human experience. Instead they have more focus on the mind and intellect. So on the path of awareness one leaves the behind the world and all its sufferings. One moves into states of transcendence. There are periods of profound silence and stillness and deep, deep peace and connection with a universal infinite presence. When one comes out of those states, they live in a state of silence and stillness no matter what is going on around them. There is no perpetration, no high and low human experience. There is just this non-dual, non-changing capacity to be present. It’s a transcendent state where the human ego is a distant shadow or doesn’t even exist. It’s a complete, expanded, detached way of being in existence. In this state of consciousness the information that comes to one is not through the mind; it is primarily revelatory. For example, someone may be speaking to you and you can see the whole situation—why they have come into your presence at that moment and the intentions and purposes that brought this moment, this person, to you at this time. You become fully aware that you are actually the space or context for the content of existence to arise.

Ultimately, when one completes the merger with God they come to the same state as one who completes the unity with Truth. In both merger and unity, all separation disappears. The All becomes One and the One becomes All. It is just the universe revealing itself. They are in fact the same attainment. On the path to God one purifies human conditioning but one cannot be established in the merger until one expands their awareness. On the path to Truth one must purify their human conditioning afterwards before the state of unity can establish itself.

On both paths one has to experience the un-experienced human component in them. They can only go so far without transmuting the un-experienced experiences that are still within their system. This can be quick for some or much slower for others. At times it can be very painful. For some it is a gentle transmutation, for others it is an abrupt fire burning. Of the two paths, the awareness path is more difficult since it is without the bliss. But it goes much quicker. Both paths of God realization ultimately complete in Truth. Truth is the source of all experiences and is the source of all awareness. It is the source of existence, but it itself does not need the existence to be. This is the paradox of SAT, the paradox of Truth. It is that which is beyond all existence yet contains the potentiality of all existence.

The Forth Attainment: from Godhood to Truth

Even with merger with God you are not yet enlightened. The merger with God is not true enlightenment any more than was the achievement of Selfhood. They are both still stages on the journey of consciousness. There will come a completion. It will finish. It will reach its full maturity and conclude when one becomes established in Truth.

When that happens you are no longer in the state of merger with God. You real-ize—it becomes real for you. This is called God realization. You become That which you merged with. This means you become a universal being, not just an individual being. In this state the revelations of the nature of existence are continuous, both in feeling and thought. There is no longer any separation between you and all egos and all forms of egoing. There is no longer a repulsion or attraction. Your individual ego has become universal. God disappears and all that is left is Truth, the I AM, the eternal Reality.

Yet even here the journey is not yet over.

When you come to this state then you can truly know all things. When you come to Truth, then you can look back and you can see your own progress. You can see that there was a stage where you separated from your identification of ego, where you became that inexplicable individual quality that lives you. And you can see that the merger is not the important thing, that the unity is not the important thing; the important thing is that which exists. At that point, you have attained your origin. You have completed the spiritual journey from the separation of ego to the oneness of Truth. You have returned to your origin.

In Truth, you still hang on to that capacity in you that can know an experience. When you are in God merger or in unity merger, you as an individual is gone. There is no other, no self. This non-dual state means there is nothing to know, there is nothing to experience, because there is no knower and known, no experiencer and object to be experienced. In unity, there is nothing to know. It’s all timeless, endless. But it doesn’t last because you are still a body.

At one stage, some people step out of time, but even that experience is a journey and a process of integration that goes on for as long they are in the body.

When you come out the state of merger or of unity then you can say “oh, that’s showing me the original condition when I am not there, when there is nothing that I could call ‘me’ there.” In time, this state of knowingness, this state of experience without limit becomes normal. At that point you become a vehicle for light and truth and love and wisdom into the world. Without you even thinking about it, you just are. You are a channel, because there is nothing in you anymore obscuring the Reality, the SAT from manifesting itself. The universe is now able to find its way into this dimension through you. The universe has woken up as you.

So Truth finds its completion in its manifestation. You can’t even call it completion; it’s an endless unfolding of the nature of you, the “I am that” state. The appreciation of the “thatness” never goes away. The seeking ends. The Truth of what you are is indomitable. Nothing can happen in the normal course of what remains in your human life that can shake you from that absolute real condition of what you are. But Truth becomes real in manifestation. By moving in the world of egos, moving in the world of things, moving in the multiple dimensions and worlds, you begin to understand and integrate and deepen the knowledge of the structure and the way the universe works—the law, why it had to happen, why we had first to be bound in order to be free, why we first had to be evil to be good, why we first had to fall to rise. Truth consciousness sees the whole purpose. This revelatory state of consciousness continues, but it is no longer seeking. It no longer needs to go anywhere. It no longer needs to have any experience or more knowledge, because everything is an instantaneous revelation in each moment of whatever needs to be known.

At this point one is the Divine Being, the final manifestation. It is the culmination of the journey, where you come back and you cut wood, carry water, wash dishes, watch movies, talk to people, and pretend to be the ego for entertainment, for enjoyment, for experiencing, for knowledge. And it reveals, endlessly reveals, the reason and the purpose and the necessity of this Creation, the necessity of this whole journey.

Where am I on the spiritual journey?

Okay, I have described the whole journey in my own experience. This is what I have lived. So wherever you are in this spiritual journey, more than likely there is further to go, there is more to attain, there is a greater state—until that state comes where there is no other and your seeking is over. There is nothing to seek because you become that which was seeking. And this becomes a stable and real condition of being. What it manifests in this dimension is the fundamental principle: there is only one consciousness, there is only one ego, there is only one body, and there is only one mind, of which we all are emanations. We are individual emanations of this one principle, and each of us, the core of each of us, is the same. And that core of you is that one which says I am, the one which says “I exist,” the one which without thinking says “I am, I exist.” Automatically existing. You are an expression of that existence. Each of us is an individual expression of the one existence. And that self-reflective quality that lifetimes in a body gave you, that state of consciousness we call ego that the journey gave you, never goes away, because now consciousness knows itself as consciousness. And once consciousness knows that it is consciousness, it automatically becomes its source. It becomes what it IS. It returns to the origin of itself. And this is what this creation came into existence for.

This is the purpose and this is the journey that everything in existence is travelling. It is the inevitable movement of this entire creation that does not end. Death is not the end, earth is not the end, the universe is not the end. This is happening endlessly in multiple dimensions, in multiple physicalities. It is endlessly unfolding. And this is actually what’s happening. This is actually what’s true. It’s not something we are doing. It’s not our worry, it’s not our problem, it’s not our ambition, it’s not our desire. It is the universe waking up as us. This is actually what’s happening and it is happening right now for each of us. We are just veiled from that fact.

It’s not something you have to reach for it, it’s actually right here right now. It’s really the truth of what is so. So the return journey is getting back down to the essential reality from which all this arises. It’s the answer of all questions; it’s the fulfillment of all experiences.

This is not an abstraction. I assure you it is my experience. This can be travelled, known, and felt. Have faith in my words that the part of you that has faith in my words will be able to travel this journey. But the part of you that lacks this faith, that says “it hasn’t happened to me so it’s not real” won’t be able to travel this journey.

You have to have faith that there is a possibility beyond the one you are currently living. Without that aspiration, without a sense of something greater, further, you can’t get to the place where there is then nothing greater, nothing further. Without aspiration, there is no change, no development, no journey; from small to great, from individual to universal, from personal to impersonal, from limited to vast, from stupid to all-knowing, from powerless to omnipotent. This is why you were born, to travel this journey. And this is ultimate dharma.

I assure you, if you are in this room or listening to the video or reading this page, you are at least between the first and second attainments of the spiritual journey, that of Ego and Self. One of the clues that you are coming to the Self is that you can experience energy. It’s actually consciousness, but you experience it as energy in your body or in your awareness. This ability to receive a kind of sensation or moving contact with this kind of experience means the Self is opening up to the universal. So you are already moving towards larger energies than individual energies. You are moving out of the paradigm of the individual ego. Your consciousness is turning away from its identification with your mind, your personality, or your habit of your external self, which is primarily material based. You are moving away from complete identification with your five senses, with mind, with body, with habit, with the reality of your present condition, this present vibration of materiality, your consciousness of being a material form. This doesn’t mean that it all doesn’t come back every time you come out of meditation or every morning you wake up or every time you step on your toe. It doesn’t mean it goes away. It’s still there. But your identification with it is going away. Your consciousness has sufficiently removed itself from the identification with your human identity and is now beginning to experience universal forces.

For people who are around an awakened, realized teacher, this can happen very rapidly. You can actually be in the early stage of emergence from the Self but because the teacher is a radiant channel for universal forces, the ability of the consciousness to move from the egoic paradigm to the Self paradigm is enhanced, as is the possibility for consciousness that has attained the Self to move towards the universal. Being with a teacher essentially accelerates the process that would otherwise take much longer and be more haphazard. You could spend many lifetimes forgetting that you are the Divine, remembering, forgetting, remembering, forgetting…

The journey between the Ego and the Self can be very haphazard. It is less haphazard between the Self and of God because once the Self touches universal forces, you don’t forget them. They stay with you and they grow, so that you take another birth and you quickly come back. You remember what it is that you’ve lost and you become motivated to pursue further in the journey. So once most people find their guru at around the stage of Self, the momentum of the consciousness is ready to go to the universal.

Here’s a problem, though. Nowadays there is a whole collection of spiritual teachers who are available to help the Ego get to the Self. Basically, all spiritual materials that you read are about this part of the journey. Most spiritual teachers are focused on how to go from the Ego to the Self. But when one is ready to go from the Self to God or Truth; then the guru shows up. There are very few that can guide you. But then the Grace comes, in. The universe creates the opportunity for you to make the progress. It is not possible at the beginning without proximity to a fully realized being for a seeker to connect to universal forces in a sustainable way that would allow the transformation to the Godhood. Without the link with one who has merged with God or Truth, the intensive forces needed for the final transformation cannot occur. So ultimately, at this stage you will find such a person or an opportunity will arise that will allow you to make the final transition. One that will allow you to go through the final membrane where you step out of individuality into a complete, permanent, universal state of being.

So where are you in the journey?  People watching the video or reading the transcript could be anywhere in this journey. The further along you are, the more power this video or these words will be for you. This will be a direct transmission. It will be felt tangibly. For those less far along, it will be a recognition. Ears will stand up, the antennas will activate, there will be an experience or awareness of recognition. But there may not be enough to break the inertia of the egoic life, or the comfort, the convenience of the ego that comes with the self: The happiness upon hearing this, may not be enough to break that inertia.

This is the purpose of my work, to remind you there is a journey, to empower you to make the effort to manifest this divine potentiality that lies within each of us. There is nothing more important. This is the ultimate dharma, the ultimate purpose of life.