Back from my visit to those of you in California and Nevada this holiday season. I also witnessed the wedding of my daughter, Sonia. It was a surprisingly powerful ceremony. I saw two human beings declare in front of almost 80 witnesses their pledge to committed love. Justin, Sonia’s husband quoted from Rumi, the Sufi poet. It was about the divinity he saw in Sonia. It was clearly true for him as his normally reserved exterior cracked with emotion. I saw a true declaration of love. The entire room was deeply moved.

It speaks to the power of ceremony. Marriage is sacred for this reason. The secret of enduring love is commitment and that commitment is sealed by having it witnessed by family and friends. Never having been one to give much credence to ceremony I now find myself an advocate.

The next day I saw Sonia and Justin and there was a visible change in their energy field. They had bonded and their energies mingled.  It is just a reminder that Life is a spiritual path.

Sat Shree