A consecrated life begins when we are touched by something beyond the ordinary human capacity to know or experience our life. This can be known or experienced as a presence or a force. This presence/force ignites a fire within us creating the will to align ourselves with its manifestation. This fire indicates one is now mature enough to make this shift from a human life to a Divine Life. When this happens the first step towards a consecrated life has been taken.

A consecrated life is a natural realignment of one’s life to serve the manifestation of something greater.  Of something not yet known and yet sensed in a way we cannot explain, even if it requires the sacrifice of our limited ego preferences, attachments, fears and desires.

The motive to make a sacrifice in order to serve this manifestation arises from our innermost nature. It is in fact not ‘our’ ego that is motivated to make this sacrifice rather it is an expression of the Divine’s Original Intent to manifest coming through us. This Original Intent is the ‘will-to-be’, the actualizing force of the Creation.

By choosing to live a consecrated life one aligns with the Original Intent and begins to tap into the current that arises from it. We not only begin to manifest it through us but in the process become it. A consecrated life is a way to live that takes us out of a life of suffering and misery into an awakened life, purposeful and deeply fulfilling.  This is the miracle of a consecrated life.