Our true challenge is not spiritual but material.  It is how we live. How we act determines our true attainment. Our individual attainment is secondary if we can’t live it.  Meeting the demands, responsibilities and requirements of life as IT IS, is both the path to enlightenment and at the same time, the true test of our spiritual attainment.

Integrity is living as the author of our lives. Not as its victim. This is the ultimate creative action; seeking to meet each moment of life as it needs to be met, not as we want it, not as we fear it to be, but as IT IS; living true, aligned with our being. This is integrity. It is also true surrender.

To manifest spirit is to live the Divine life; living in such a way that spirit can manifest more and more perfectly. This isn’t just an idea, this is the purpose of the whole creation. Waking up to our imperfection is true spiritual awakening, and striving to manifest greater perfection in this world is integrity.

Integrity is a state of being AND a way of living. Striving for this integration of spirit and matter is the true perfection, not one dominated by fear and control. When we choose to understand and forgive and allow life to be as it is, to be imperfect, this is true love and this is how we grow, learn and develop perfection in this dimension of matter and mind. This is true love and surrender.

To love, to surrender is not passive; it is the dynamic expression of spirit into matter. Integrity is the means to integrate spirit with matter. This is the work of all awaken beings, to step out of our imperfect childhood into a more perfect adulthood. It means we take responsibility for the imperfection that dominates this dimension, inwardly and outwardly.

Act as a god and you become one. This is my message, my challenge to all of you.

Om Tat Sat

Love & Blessings in the New Year

 Sat Shree