There is a current misunderstanding about the relevance of the sudden spiritual awakenings that are occurring on the planet these days. These are wonderful, sudden shifts in one’s reality where we break out of the content of us and become the context in which the content of our lives arises. Awakening can temporarily break us out of our identification with our body, mind and personality, providing us a witnessing presence that is free. But this awakening will not last unless one understands what one has awakened to.

You Cannot Teach Awakening

You cannot teach someone how to awaken. You cannot teach someone who is currently asleep how to awake up. This is because they will convert everything they experience or hear into something consistent with their sleeping consciousness i.e. a better version of sleep. Awakening in itself is not a path. There is not a technique for awakening.  It is a symptom of a process, mostly hidden from us, a rare combination of factors, most of which we cannot control.

Something other than what is available to our current sleeping consciousness is needed to awaken it. It is ignorance of our true nature that keeps us asleep. This ignorance thinks it is awaken even when asleep. This ignorance not only binds us but defines who we are and what is possible, having us believe that our sleeping state is real. Dreaming of being awake does not awaken us.

It is the arrogance of our modern, ignorant intellect that imagines it can teach awakening or know or control the forces that keep people asleep and/or allow awakening to happen. We do not control these any more than we can control chance or accident. Yet if awakening is an accident, then there may be something that can make us accident prone. Understanding this is a start.

The Purpose of Awakening

This Creation has a purpose and spiritual awakening is an expression of this purpose. Thus, it is a stage of a process, a symptom of an expression of an Original Intent that brought this Creation into existence. As a seed planted in the ground carries inherent in it the fruit, so too does awakening carry within it the purpose of its existence. Awakening is the beginning of a process, not the end. It is the next stage in the emerging potentiality that lies inherent in every living being.

The Greater Awakening

An individual awakening is not an isolated event. It is a reflection of a larger, collective awakening; a shift in consciousness that is currently happening on the planet. There is now an opportunity for mankind that has never existed before. Thus, the individual awakenings that have been occurring since the 1960’s are like spring after a long dormant winter, an emerging of a new possibility for consciousness, the likes of which has never existed before.

A Path to Awakening

In my experience most people awakening comes progressively. It slips up on them without them knowing it, until one day they realize they are awake. This preparation is Yoga. Yoga is conscious turning of our attention and effort to that which we do not yet know, but sense deep within ourselves. Yoga is a process by which we apply discrimination and effort to break the hold of our limited, individual reality to that which is greater. Yoga is the effort, the action, we apply to awaken and eventually to merge with that which is greater than oneself.

In this way we gain the strength and authority that gives us the resolve, the commitment and endurance to turn to the universal forces that will initiate a transformation process that will convert what is left in us into a vehicle for Divine manifestation.

Awakening is the Beginning not the End

Awakening has a purpose. It is for each awakened person to awaken further. There is a greater awakening, an awakening to the universal reality that lives within, be that God, Truth or the Absolute. The witnessing presence that comes from awakening is weak at first because it is still limited by the unquestioned assumptions that are still hidden. The more we attend to that which is not awakened in us the more we gather the capacity to break free of these. The witnessing presence gathers a self-reliant authority and with it the resolve needed to awaken fully to this possibility. Next is to turn to the universal reality that is all about us. To reach out and up out of our limited perspective as human beings into a cosmic state of being.