Inquiry Group Facilitator Resources


Welcome to the resource page for facilitators hosting Inquiry Groups. Here you will find information and materials to guide and support you. Our purpose in providing these resources is to help you grow in confidence as a facilitator of inquiry. We also aim to support the practice of self-inquiry itself as taught by Sat Shree. The materials below have been prepared based on Sat Shree’s teachings.

The basic criteria required to host an inquiry group include:

  • You feel a sincere and genuine pull within to collaborate with the intention of supporting others to discover the truth of who and what they are.
  • You regularly practice self-inquiry on your own.
  • You have participated in one of New Dharma’s Global Training Programs (GTP) or are already experienced in leading New Dharma groups.

"Leading an Inquiry Group is an opportunity to step more deeply into my teachings and actualize them in your life, as well as to allow others to come to greater clarity and understanding in their own experience of the Truth of who they are." ~ Sat Shree

Hosting Inquiry Groups Resource Materials



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