New Dharma Core Capacities

Align with Purpose

New Dharma’s larger purpose is to help take people to their direct, sustainable and immediate connection to the divine reality that lives them and all life, to their true authority. This is a divine work, and you are part of its manifestation, so it is essential that you first align yourself with that purpose and are in integrity with Sat Shree’s teachings and practices. You align with that purpose by remembering it, by remembering the teacher, and by honoring why you are here: for yourself, for each other, and for the world. Connecting to this larger purpose can actually be felt as a dynamic current that will help you strengthen and hold your alignment in the midst of challenge.

Invoke the Sat: The Force of the Supreme Being

When you consciously evoke the Sat force your system automatically aligns with the evolutionary purpose of existence. This force has no agenda, no investment, no need to be right. It can dissolve any personal investment or egoic agenda. You are then able to see with new eyes and hear with new ears. In the process you become a channel and instrument of the Supreme Being. This process strengthens your capacity to rest in this true authority that is revealing itself in you. The experience creates a continuous, direct, and immediate relationship with this divine reality that now lives you. You more readily become a vessel for manifestation and become the means of awakening this potential in others. This potential becomes a real possibility and a lived reality, in ways unbounded by ordinary human limitation.

 Be in Immediacy

Presence, relaxation, receptivity, and engagement, both inwardly and outwardly, are entry points for and markers of being in immediacy. Such qualities are experienced in a wholistic gestalt, as a felt sense of being in existence, of being alive. In this state you recognize the perfection of each moment as it is, and you have more discernment about the source of your actions, thoughts, and emotions, and more choice in the actions you take. You find yourself moving more into alignment with purpose and with life-sustaining principles.

Be at Cause

Be at cause means to become more fully responsible for your experience of the way life is showing up for you, recognizing that you are the source of any issue that is arising within and around you. Self-inquiry is the entry point into seeing this. You are asked to continually surrender, to “get off it,” when you are resistant, blaming, or identified with a self-created story. As soon as you become aware of such personal responsibility in creating any situation, you have a choice to act for the highest good, and then forgiveness and love arise. Your purpose is restored. This makes possible a greater sense of aliveness, immediacy, and true authority. It is a key to knowing that you are the creator and the context rather than the content of your life.

Be in Affinity

Being in affinity is both a recognition of the divinity within all of us and an expression of love. We are all worthy of respect. Even if we can’t seem to access it for ourselves or in others, the divinity within each of us is ultimately deserving of our respect. This affinity is the basis from which all else happens as it creates freedom for others to be exactly as they are, engendering trust, safety, and receptivity. All action that arises from this state of consciousness, this giving of respect, serves the purpose of your being here.

Act for the Highest Good

Choosing to bring the most love, truth, and awakened consciousness into every situation is proof of the state of your consciousness. From this intention, you act for the sake of goodness, for the sake of more light, more love, more truth. You live for goodness sake as a guiding tool. No matter what is raging inside you, no matter how hard it is to be with someone, you choose to be good for goodness sake— for the sake of goodness. The act of doing so is a sacrifice. It is an opportunity to undo the ego so that something more true, more real, more lasting will come forward.


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