The Purpose of Living in a New Dharma Community House

This community is a vessel, a container. You might say it is a lighthouse beaming an energetic beacon, attracting people who are struggling to be aligned with the highest good. Our intended purpose is to create a New Dharma, a new way of living that manifests Truth, Consciousness, and Love. This beacon draws people whose purpose is to become that, allowing them to feel empowered in their own work for bringing good. In this physical arena we are co-creating a vessel for the world to make a shift in the collective consciousness to help support the highest good.

Guiding Principles

What is this opportunity to live in this community with a living teacher? How do we live together although we are each here for our own reasons? We co-create the vessel by practicing the following guiding principles:

  1. Remember your purpose. This is the key. Because the inclination is to forget our purpose we must apply effort to remember. This means following the guidelines and participating in the programs. But it also means to live in integrity with your higher self. This is a Divine work and you are part of its manifestation. Remembering this is done by honoring why you are here, for yourself, each other and the teacher.

  1. Respect yourself and others. We are all worthy of respect, even if we can’t access it ourselves. There is that within each of us is that is ultimately deserving of respect. The word Namaste is both an expression of the recognition of the Divinity within all of us and an act of love. Action that arises from this state of consciousness serves the purpose.

  1. Be in personal responsibility and self-inquiry. If you are in fear or reactivity you can’t remember your purpose, you are just acting out the programming that you brought with you. Personal responsibility is the recognition that you are the source of the issue that is arising in you and those around you. Self-inquiry is the entry point into seeing this. As soon as you become aware of your personal responsibility, then forgiveness and love arises. Your purpose is restored.

  1. Act for the highest good. In any situation the opportunity is to manifest the highest good. Action is proof of the state of your consciousness. So act for the sake of ‘Goodness’, for more light, more love, more truth. No matter what is raging inside of you, no matter how hard it is to be with someone, be good for goodness sake-for the sake of goodness. The act of doing it for goodness sake is a sacrifice, not a practice. It is an opportunity to undo the ego so that something more true, more real, and more lasting will come forward.

All four of these interrelate. We are all struggling in our own way to come to responsibility and respect for each other and ourselves. How do we get there? It is an endless process of remembering who we are and why we are here, and how to be with the world as it is arising. Being with a teacher makes this not a theoretical exercise. This is something we can practice in each moment to make it real, to move into relationship with existence in a truer way. And when you have some practice with this then you can bring to the community your acceptance, your love, and your forgiveness. These would all be a demonstration of your purpose.

We co-create this vessel by remembering our purpose, respecting ourselves and others, being in self responsibility by handling the process within ourselves, and acting for the highest good. 

Om Tat Sat


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