Elemental and Chakra Technique Trainers

Joelene Ashker

Joelene (Elemental)

USA, Mountain Time Zone

I started my Spiritual journey 40 years ago on a quest to discover what truly makes people fulfilled, so I could embody these states of being. Up until I began working with Sat Shree’s teachings in 2018, I did everything I could to avoid my body and I simply wanted to transcend to higher states. When I learned about the Elemental practices, I immediately felt a deep calling to study and be a facilitator. The Elementals have supported my coming home into my body, my Sacred Temple and House of Love, in a holistic way. It’s my honor and pleasure to welcome you Home to yourself.

Joelene Ashker

Mewis (Elemental)

Europe, Central European Time Zone

Learning the Elemental technique has played an important part in my spiritual development. In hindsight it has marked the beginning of an important transition. A transition from a more awareness type of orientation that was built around knowing into an orientation much more about being and feeling. A journey into my body. Into myself.

I have found that it can be tremendously empowering to have another person in the form of a trainer confirm your own ability to sense the vibrations in your body. An ability that has always been there, but has often been dismissed by our minds and outer personality. It would be my honor to be that person for you.

Satartha (Elemental/Chakra)

USA, Pacific Time Zone

Both the elemental and chakra techniques have had a profound effect on aligning my system and clearing the channels within my body.  It has been my pleasure to work with the core group as we endeavored to bring forward Sat Shree’s vision of the various techniques that are presented on this site.

Sat Shree speaks of these techniques as an applied science, powerful mantras to align our body with the vibration of the universe, becoming a greater collaborator with the transformational process that the Divine is already trying to bring into our body. It is a joy and a privilege to introduce and guide you into these techniques.


Christa (Chakra)

Not available at this time

USA, Pacific Time Zone

My first major awakening in 1986 was activated by chanting the primal sound of creation OM. My life path since then has revolved around teaching sacred sound/mantra, embodied singing and therapeutic voice work. I began studying with Sat Shree in 2016 and am delighted and honored to serve his vision of making his lineage of yogic techniques available to the community. The Element and Chakra practices have profoundly supported the purification and awakening of my system increasing my capacity as a grounded channel of the Mother Force. My intention as a trainer is to assist you in preparing your body system to sing the Song of your Divinity.



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