Gita Study Transcriptions

Gita Study Introduction

Chapter 1 Part 1 [PDF]

The Yoga of Dejection

Chapter 1 Part 2 [PDF]

The Yoga of Dejection

Chapter 2 Part 1 [PDF]

The Yoga of Discrimination

Chapter 2 Part 2 [PDF]

The Yoga of Equanimity

Chapter 3 Part 1 [PDF]

The Yoga of Action

Chapter 3 Part 2 [PDF]

The Yoga of Action

Chapter 4 Part 1 [PDF]

The Yoga of Knowledge (Part 1)

Chapter 4 Part 2 [PDF]

The Yoga of Knowledge (Part 2)

Chapter 5 [PDF]

The Yoga of Renunciation

Chapter 6 Part 1 [PDF]

The Yoga of Meditation

Chapter 6 Part 2 [PDF]

The Yoga of Meditation

Chapter 7 [PDF]

Knowledge and the Process of Knowing

Chapter 8 [PDF]

Imperishable Brahman

Chapter 9 [PDF]

Royal Knowledge and Royal Secret

Chapter 10 [PDF]

Divine Emanations

Chapter 11 [PDF]

Universal Vision

Chapter 12 [PDF]


Chapter 13 [PDF]

Field & Knower

Chapter 14 [PDF]

Threefold Gunas

Chapter 15 [PDF]

Supreme Being

Chapter 16 [PDF]

Divine and Undivine Attributes

Chapter 17 [PDF]

Threefold Faith

Chapter 18 Part 1 [PDF]

Yoga of Liberation (Part 1)

Chapter 18 Part 2 [PDF]

Yoga of Liberation (Part 2)


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All quotations of Bhagavad Gita verses come from the English translation by Swami Sri Atmananda, published by Satyachetana Publications, Copyright 2008, and are used with permission.

These lessons were inspired by and/or based on the Foundation course on the Yoga of the Bhagavad Gita and the Advanced Course on the Yoga of the Bhagavad Gita, both by Swami Sri Atmanada.


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