New Dharma Introductory Call

Caroline Ryberg

How to schedule a mentoring call with Agnipriti:

Please send an email to

Sessions are done through Zoom in English

Session length: 55 minutes

Suggested fee: $35 to $80

Agnipriti (Caroline Ryberg)

I met Sat Shree for the first time in 2018 when I came to one of his Satsangs in Stockholm, Sweden. At first it was hard for me to receive his teachings because I had a lot of ideas and judgements about him being American, as I was convinced at that time that the real gurus come from India. But there was something beyond those parts of myself that knew better, and I had enough faith to stay with the process. 

I had been on the spiritual path since my early 20’s but from that point on something fundamental shifted within me and my spiritual journey went into an acceleration I had never seen or experienced before. I came into contact with the sacred opportunity of my embodiment and realized for myself how knowing something didn’t necessarily mean it had become real. 

Through Sat Shree’s teachings and guidance I was given a context for what was and is happening to me. That the process of awakening had to become lived and that is the path, that life is the Yoga. I learned that everything needed to be included and how to be with that process by expanding my ability to endure calmly. 

I came to recognize that this transformation was something that wanted to happen naturally, and it was not about becoming something or someone else, but developing the skills for how to collaborate with the becoming of That which we all already are.

By simply being willing I am in the experience that the Truth and Love which lives Sat Shree pulls me out of the conditioned habit of myself, into being in a more and more constant stream of living my true purpose. It is not always comfortable, but it is rewarding beyond what I could ever imagine. And it is my greatest wish to live in service of this coming into remembrance for as many as possible, including myself.

Much gratitude to you who read this, to Sat Shree, Satyamayi, the opportunity of New Dharma and this powerful Sangha who makes this mighty adventure such a joyful ride. Namaste and look forward connecting with you.