Voices of New Dharma

Ram Das

Visitor at the Satya Dharma Center for Truth Consciousness, Fully Human Fully Divine Core Team member, World Awakening/Peace Meditation, and Global Group facilitator.

December, 2021

During his three-month stay at the Satya Dharma Center for Truth Consciousness, Ram Das shares his experience with Sat Shree and New Dharma. He speaks about the changes he has seen in himself and those around him as he becomes more real, vulnerable, and in touch with both his Divine nature and all parts of human life. He shares about the joy and innocence that has come as he goes through this transition and about his wish for the same for all beings.

“I sat in silence and I felt, ‘What is it that brought me to Sat Shree?’ And I actually came to realize that I could feel this cry in me, this cry to come alive as a real human being, just as me, as who I am, by letting go of all these pretend-ances, and structures to be liked, to be affirmed. And just in this very moment I became aware of that actually, that this is what Sat Shree is teaching me: to become a real human being.”

‘”It’s not about me escaping life. It’s about me being with what I cannot be within life and trying to integrate that. That is what Sat Shree and his teachings are teaching me. To grow both spiritually and as a human being; to mature in both ways.”

“We will not leave anyone behind anymore in this transition. We all need to go through this and collectively come to the other side.”


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