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Christa is a resident at the Satya Dharma Center for Truth Consciousness and a Teacher of the Yogic Techniques..

December, 2021

Christa, a resident of the Satya Dharma Center for Truth Consciousness, speaks about how meeting Sat Shree led to an immediate acceleration in her process and a deepened spiritual aspiration. She describes how this path has helped her to become more fully human through the process of bringing Divinity into the cells of the body more fully. She shares the revelation that Sat Shree transmitted to her that the Supreme Being wants to manifest as her. The simplicity of the teaching that “just being herself is enough” has allowed for greater freedom, and vulnerability and has resulted in a radical simplification of her life. She joyfully serves the work by teaching people to use mantra practices to awaken the body.

“My body recognized Sat Shree as my teacher. And it’s been my body and the deepening presence of the Divine into the cells of my body that have kept me going through the ordeals of any true spiritual path, because any true spiritual path is going to strip you to the bone to reveal the true nature, and that’s been my experience.”

“From the beginning, I felt seen by Sat Shree, I felt he saw my potential as a spiritual being, and that was really important. That was an initiation, that first meeting, being seen. And I saw him seeing me, and I saw the Absolute consciousness that he carries. And I knew that because I saw it in him, that I was That, and I would, one day, manifest that.”

“So much of this path is about meeting what’s left, the content that’s left, the shadow material that’s left in the system, the ancestral karma, and that’s hard work, that takes a lot of courage to meet what we’ve pushed aside or put behind us that we don’t want anyone else to see. So, for me, the simplicity of the teaching is that just being myself is enough.”


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