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Caroline is a visitor at the Satya Dharma Center for Truth Consciousness, New Dharma Social Media Coordinator, Core Team member in the Voices of New Dharma project, World Peace Meditation and Global Groups facilitator, Introduction Call facilitator and Global Training Program participant.

December, 2021

During her three-month stay at the Satya Dharma Center for Truth Consciousness, Caroline shares how she asked herself prior to the interview how she could express with words the greatest gift she’s ever had.

She speaks about her background and how she never seemed to enjoy life in the same way other people seemed to, that there was always a sense of something missing. Caroline shares how this perceived lack ignited a challenging journey that eventually led her to the recognition that this anguish was a cry from her soul, a longing from deep within her. She speaks about how she met her first spiritual teacher in her early 20s, finding a guru and going to India, moving to a big city, and making a career. She shares what happened later in life when she met Sat Shree; a meeting that accelerated a transformational process leading to her experiencing the true purpose of her life for the first time, a moment that would come to change her life forever.

“My life is not anymore about increasing the sum total of the “who” I am, but to recognize more and more of the “what” I am, and its freedom. It feels like I am living my dream.”

“It’s not about becoming something else; it’s about remembering what’s always been here. And I need help and support with coming into remembrance of that. And that is the greatest gift. If my existence could help just one person come in contact with that, I will be so happy.”

“Sat Shree says that “truth manifests as love”, and that is what I felt. And I am not speaking about the Hollywood type of love. It’s the type of love that burns, it’s the type of love that melts you into oneness with yourself. And it’s not a human love either, but the human experiences the love and once I tasted this, I knew that there was no turning back. That this is something that’s worth living for.”


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