Hosting Study Groups


Sat Shree has found that when people connected to him conduct The Bhagavad Gita, The Mother Book, or The Bhagavad Gita Revealed study groups a remarkable spiritual acceleration occurs not only to that person but in the group they are facilitating. Although any one can apply to facilitate a Study Group, Sat Shree is the one who gives the final sanction to do so. His only requirement is your connection to him and a sincere commitment to serve in this way. Ultimately your role as a facilitator is to become a channel or instrument for the Sat Force and the teachings. You soon discover that the more you can get out of the way and let the Force do the work, the more truly you will be serving Sat Shree, the mission of New Dharma, and the evolution of consciousness.

Please keep in mind that although the guidelines that follow cover many of the nuances of facilitating a group, in essence the role is quite simple. You show up, put the chairs in a circle, sit quietly in presence with the group, and use Sat Shree’s teachings and revelations as the lens to inquire into your own experience in life and on the spiritual path. Once you set the example by inquiring and sharing of your own experience the group members will follow.

The guidelines that follow are intended to support and serve you as you discover your own unique way of facilitating a group. As such, they are just that, guidelines, and in time you will find your own way of conducting the group that is true for you.

If you have any questions contact the Global Groups coordinator in the United States at or in Europe at


The following materials contain important information about starting a New Dharma Study Group in your area. The material is grouped into three parts:

Part I – Setting the Stage

Part II – Preparing the Space

Part III – Holding the Space and Facilitating the Study Group

Reference Materials

This handbook covers the basics needed as you begin this journey, setting the stage for the Gita, The Mother Book, or The Bhagavad Gita Revealed study group in your area.

Thank you for your dedication to this work and your desire to facilitate a New Dharma Global Group in your area. We want to support you in this process.

Gita Study Group Forum

Listen to the Gita Study Group Forum recording filmed in Rishikesh, India.

Crowdcast Replay

The Crowdcast registration for video re-play can be found here. Use password songofthegita

You will need a current Crowdcast login and password or you can have a login link sent to your email.

What’s it like to host?

Listen to Amanda Smith talk about her experience starting and conducting the Toronto Gita Study Group.