Resources for Meditation Group Facilitators


Welcome to the resource page for facilitators hosting Meditation Groups. Here you will find information and materials to guide and support you. Our purpose in providing these resources is to assist you in being a meditation group facilitator and channel for the Sat force, as well as to support others in the consistent practice of meditation as taught by Sat Shree. 

The materials below have been prepared under the guidance and sanction of Sat Shree.

The basic criteria you have fulfilled to facilitate a Meditation group include:

  • You feel pulled to support others to discover the Truth of “what” and “who” they are, through the practice of meditation
  • You have established a consistent meditation practice, for at least six months
  • You have been participating in New Dharma programs (retreats, courses, satsangs, morning meditations) for at least one year
  • You aim to incorporate in your daily living the six core principles Sat Shree created to support facilitators in being effective channels for the Sat force and in living a more authentic life, therefore serving as a living demonstration while hosting your group (see pgs 5-6 in the Guide)

“Through meditation, our human nature moves into alignment with our spiritual nature. We come out of our identification with the ego and move into relationship with that central quality of being which is the essence of what we are. This is the eternal Self.”

Resource Materials



Appendix 1: Sample Flyer for Meditation Groups

The Sample Flyers can be created for you by the New Dharma designer or you can download an editable PDF and edit the text to include your group information. Please format your text first in Microsoft Word, Google Docs or a plain text editing program.

Appendix 2: How to Meditate: Tips & Resources

Appendix 3: The Stages of Meditation

Appendix 4: About Sat Shree’s Mission

Appendix 5: Tips for Facilitating Meditation Meetings on Zoom


Guidance into Body Awareness
“The Miracle of the Body” – Satsang April 18, 2020

Excerpt (9 minutes)

Full video

Body Scan Exercise
9-Day Orientation – April 9, 2020 

Excerpt (12 minutes)

Full video

What is Meditation? (10 minutes)

How to Meditate (10 minutes)

Tips on Meditating (10 minutes)

Stages of Meditation

February 2013 India Talk excerpt  (6 minutes)

Being in Immediacy and Meeting Your Unmet Parts: 9-Day Orientation – April 9, 2020

Excerpt (3 minutes)

Full video

The Journey of Consciousness

Gita Study Course Intro (20 minutes)

The Yoga of Meditation

Gita Chapter 6 (1 of 2) 

The Yoga of Meditation

Gita Chapter 6 (2 of 2)


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