New Dharma Introductory Call

Satartha (Scott Usedom)

I first met Sat Shree in the fall of 2016 after a period of intense longing and prayer asking that the Universe provide for me a living teacher. The journey since has been one of grace, understanding, and fulfillment. New Dharma has provided a structure for me to dive deep into that which binds me from knowing my true nature. Sat Shree has guided me in the process of locating the hard-to-reach recesses and mental constructs that have kept me from accessing my greater potential.

From Sat Shree I have learned that the body is the field, the place where all resolution from personal pain and trauma are met, resulting in greater freedom and purpose in life. More important than just the words of an event or trauma are the emotions and impressions left behind, locked up in the cells of the body. Sat Shree encourages us to step away from the story of the mind and let the body take the lead. Often during meditation or a small group sharing these emotions and impressions will spontaneously rise up, offering the aware student an opening to discover the unmet experiences which have often plagued us for years. This is correct knowledge.

Sat Shree is a fully realized Master unique among many due to his western background and upbringing, combined with extensive emersion in the Indian Vedic tradition. Both traditions are welcomed and employed. We are all on our own unique path to self-realization and New Dharma has given me the structure and clarity to move forward on this path in a purposeful way.