New Dharma Mentors


How to schedule a mentoring call with Lisa:

Please send an email to

Sessions are done through Zoom in English

Session length: 55 minutes

Suggested fee: $35 to $80

Lisa Maynard

In my 20’s I was drawn to meditation in the Buddhist tradition of Vipassana. After some years of intensive practice, I stepped into a family life where I maintained a daily practice. I became a mother and had a career as a trauma nurse and acupuncturist.

When I first started listening to Sat Shree I was struggling to feel a greater sense of purpose. Sat Shree’s energetic transmission brought movement to this struggle so it could expand into a sense of purpose now. I have been listening to and going to Sat Shree’s retreats for five years. The openings and growth I have experienced through the generous repetition of his knowledge, but more importantly through his energetic transmission has brought me into an embodied knowing of myself and others as Divinity.

My most significant growth with Sat Shree has been the movement from awareness to embodiment. I had suspected myself to not be embodied, but as the Theravada Buddhist teachings were my guide I had no real insight for this. Sat Shree put into language what I was suspecting, and more, he imparted in words how to move toward embodiment. I have since been in a process of embodiment that has been wondrous. It is both a coming into my physical body and a creating space for Divine to live in me and through me.

I very much enjoy holding a space for others in the process of opening to Divinity. It is a discovery of where experience is within us, how to get closer to it, what movement wants to happen and allowing ourselves to open to the Divinity that is our Truth. The places where we are stuck and unconscious in life are the places most impacted by opening to Divine Grace. When we open to Divinity and allow our unconsciousness to be touched we open to a greater experience of our Truth in Being.

I am grateful to Sat Shree for his ongoing generosity, his incredibly profound and clear teaching, and opening to me the embodied path of Divinity. I am honored to be of service to individuals in the process of holding space for Grace.