Women Awakening

Note: This program is only for womxn identifying, non-binary femme leaning, and transgender womxn in order to create a specific safe space.

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The sacred wholeness of life belongs to the feminine aspect of the divine, the great goddess. For Her every act is sacred; every blade of grass, every creature is a part of the great oneness.

In this group we seek to rediscover our feminine, our goddess. To reconnect to the critical part we as women play in the work of global healing and transformation by healing first those structures within each of us that obscure our connection to the universal oneness, and then by healing the world.

This is the time to reclaim our feminine and to honor our sacred connection to life that is present in every moment. Step into the light of a new consciousness, to acknowledge and make sacred our own and the earth’s suffering, to make our deeper wisdom known. This is the place to play our part in the healing of all women and the planet.

This program is facilitated by Satyamayi and Tonya Gorman with assistance by Satyagita, Susanna Stevens, Caroline Ryberg, Bridget McQueen, and Sonia Prazak.

W&S Monthly Meetings

Events are held through Zoom. Get the Zoom link via the event on the app.

Tonya and Satyamayi will lead a discussion on the subject supported by the members of the Sister Circles team.

In our monthly W&S meetings, we dive deeper into topics related to reclaiming our Divine Feminine. One example is to examine the ways in which we have unconsciously internalized the values and beliefs of a patriarchal society, and un-peel centuries of inherited cultural conditioning that have held us back from claiming our full power and potential.

A meeting typically starts with a chant and embodiment exercise, followed by an introduction to the topic, after which the group will split into triads as a way to come into more intimacy with this topic and to create a bigger sense of community. Afterwards there’ll be a chance to share your story or experience in the open group, and end with some movement during a recommended song.

Sister Circles

For questions contact Caroline at caroline.ryberg@hotmail.com

The Sister Circles provide a safe space for deeper processing around common themes that impact women. It is a place to connect and create community with other women who are on a similar journey of self-discovery, learning from the experiences of others, and being given the space to be yourself without rules or judgement.

Each Circle also provides an opportunity for exploring the shadow side of the feminine such as fear, betrayal, self-doubt, competition, jealousy, treachery, and whatever else shows up. It is a place of allowance where women are invited to celebrate and hold each other in the process of finding their true authority and expression.

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Transparency Policy:

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