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Satartha is a resident at the Satya Dharma Center for Truth Consciousness, in charge of the facilities and grounds at the SDC, and a core team member for the India program. He also serves as a mentor and teacher of the Yogic Techniques.

December, 2021

Satartha, a resident at the Satya Dharma Center for Truth Consciousness, speaks about how in meeting Sat Shree he transitioned into a new phase of spiritual practice. He shares about the impact of being connected to a living teacher and the remarkable pace of transformation he has experienced. Satartha speaks about three aspects of Sat Shree’s teachings that have impacted him the most: the use of the Bhagavad Gita as a roadmap of the entire spiritual journey, the focus on bringing our spiritual attainment into the body, and the practices of awakening and transforming the body. He concludes by speaking about the significant boost to his practice he receives by living and practicing with other sincere seekers of Truth.

‘”The influence of the Sat Guru, the ability to bring the Sat as well as the Shakti and transmit that to the student, has changed everything in my spiritual practice. The speed at which the transformation has happened, particularly in these last three years, has been remarkable.”

“With a lot of the spiritual practice I did before, it was more about transcending up and out. Whereas Sat Shree guides so expertly that it’s about bringing that attainment into the body, down into the body, that the body is the field and we are the knowers of the field, and that everything can be known spontaneously as the body awakens.”

“To be in the sangha, to come together with people who share the same goals. We all have different paths, different dharmas to reach those goals, but to be able to speak and share and be with other people, serious seekers of Truth, has been just an enormous boost to my personal practice.”


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