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Narasimha is a visitor at the Satya Dharma Center for Truth Consciousness, transcriber of Sat Shree’s talks, and content provider for New Dharma publications and social media.

December, 2021

Narasimha shares a quote from the Lake Tahoe 9-day program in April 2022, where Sat Shree specifically articulated the paradigm that fits his approach:

“In the history of India, surrendering to the guru was the highest art of making progress. Because the force that could come to you when you were in a surrendered state would inhabit you and do the very things that we speak of as your effort-ing in inquiry and finding your shame and all these other things, the force that could come to you when you were in a surrendered state would inhabit you and do it for you. And then the progress is assured.”

During his three-month stay at the Satya Dharma community, Narasimha speaks about how he came to meet Sat Shree in response to an aspiration to be closer to the person of the guru and to have an opportunity to serve the guru’s mission. He speaks about how he has been given the opportunity to serve Sat Shree’s work and in doing so has found a place to stand. He concludes by sharing some of Sat Shree’s teachings that speak about the potential of this path to bring about a new possibility for being in ourselves and in the world.

“He’s my guru. Sat Shree and Satyamayi and New Dharma are what I serve, serving the work being the means to satisfy the need to be close, the most effective means of the transmission entraining itself into the system.”

“This is how I live. Offering myself to this context I’ve received. Becoming a means for the spiritual power that’s come to me to use my human being embodiment to bring about this possibility [to inject into matter a new vibrational possibility].”


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