Voices of New Dharma


Visitor at the Satya Dharma Center for Truth Consciousness, core team leader of Global Groups, core team member of the Global Training Program and India program, small group coordinator for retreats.

December, 2021

Jaya lives at the Satya Dharma Center for 3-6 months a year and is a senior volunteer, serving New Dharma’s work from whatever part of the world she’s in. In this video she shares her transformation from living a busy, high-intensity life focused on her career in environmental sustainability to one that is simple and focused on growing her inner relationship to the sacred and to devotion in her heart. She describes the inner alignment and fulfillment of applying her skills from her previous career to the purposeful work she now contributes to: making a difference for true sustainability for the earth, our world, and others on the spiritual path.

“Through Sat Shree I started to learn how to create greater sustainability in myself. He says that we have to fix our own 7.7 billionth of the problem. Of all the people on the earth—the only one we can really change is ourselves.”

“Doing the work has given me a relationship to the sacred and to devotion in my own heart—it’s helped me grow in my love for all things. This is the true seed of sustainability, this love and appreciation for all. Maybe it’s something that was always there in me, but the world around me didn’t nurture that to the same way that it’s being allowed to grow in me now.”

“There’s a conviction in me that what we are doing matters and will help change the world. That kind of endlessly looking to find meaning or purpose has really settled and now there’s just a day-to-day living and a wonder at what continues to unfold.”


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