My work is to awaken and help establish people in their spiritual identity rather than in their egoic, conditioned identity. This ‘shift’ in identity is the key. Until that happens its just the ego looking at the ego, trying to make it ‘better’; always a partial and shifting standard shaped by our mood, the people who are influencing us and our circumstances.

Why make the shift? Because living identified as the ego creates a life of misery and suffering. Suffering is what we experience when we experience lack or separation; separate from love (hatred, resentment), from truth (deception, illusion) and consciousness (denial, ignorance).

But suffering is not the problem. It is a symptom. The word suffering is an interpretation of what happens to us, how we feel or evaluate our experience(s).

If suffering is not the problem then what is? The problem is separation from our original nature, our essential unconditioned or authentic self.  This is the ‘cause’ of suffering, and the real problem.

OK. So how do we end suffering? by discovering what we really are, by recovering our essential self.

How to do this? We do this three ways; through knowledge, by learning to know (distinguish) it, through devotion, by experiencing (feeling) it and third, by action, realigning our lives through personal effort. Once this process starts we automatically begin to disidentifying with our egoic, or conditioned self.

Once we have recovered our self suffering fades and fades…until it disappears. This is the true solution to suffering.

Love and blessings,

Sat Shree