World Awakening/Peace Meditation Facilitator Resources


Welcome to the resource page for World Awakening/Peace Meditation (WPM/WAM) facilitators. Here you will find information and materials to guide and support you in leading WPM/WAM groups. Our purpose in providing these resources is to help you be as effective as possible, as well as to support the consistent practice of the standard WPM/WAM as taught by Sat Shree. The materials below have been prepared under the guidance and sanction of Sat Shree.

The basic criteria you have fulfilled to facilitate a WPM/WAM group include:

  • You feel a sincere and genuine pull within to collaborate with the intention of the WPM/WAM.
  • You have learned the WPM/WAM from an established WPM/WAM Facilitator or Sat Shree.
  • You have practiced the WPM/WAM for 21 consecutive days to allow it to stabilize in your system.

"Our work can be really effective now, at this time of peril, because there is a collective listening. The whole planet, the whole mass of humanity is in some degree of dejection. Souls everywhere are crying for something truer, something greater. There is a huge listening. And there are those of us on the planet who are motivated and aligned with the intention of creating a different world."

WPM Resource Materials


Facilitator Guide

WPM Facilitator Guide




Appendix 1: Tips for Being an Effective WPM Facilitator

Appendix 2: Sample WPM Flyer
The Sample Flyers can be created for you by the New Dharma designer or you can download an editable PDF and edit the text to include your group information. Please format your text first in Microsoft Word, Google Docs or a plain text editing program. See a completed example.

Appendix 3: WPM Handout for Individuals

Appendix 4: WPM/WAM Handout for Facilitators


PowerPoint File

WPM PowerPoint for Zoom Groups




WPM Facilitator Orientation
May 29, 2020

WPM Facilitator Orientation

Video Recording of Hiranyagarbhaya Chant by Satyagita and sanctioned by Sat Shree
Provided by Lisa Lestander



WPM MP3 Recording of Hiranyagarbhaya Chant by Satyagita sanctioned by Sat Shree
Provided by Lisa Lestander

Hiranyagarbhaya Mantra

Audio of WPM in India with Satyapriya

WPM in India with Satyapriy

Words from facilitators and participants…

“My experience of facilitating the WPM is the deep feeling of purposefulness bringing forth this technique during this transitional time and to support the world and humanity through it in whatever way we can. Energetically it uplifts and moves me as well as silences the mind.  It is very satisfying to support others in enabling a regular practice of the WPM for themselves and I am honored to facilitate the group.”

Satyagita, WPM Facilitator, Sweden

“WPM has brought me a calm focused state of mind, during a time where I was in distress. I naturally awaken in the early morning hearing the WPM chant, so it is keeps me looped in. With WPM, I feel calm, focused and I sense a swirling energetic connection to Source.”

WPM Participant, California, USA

“From the moment I experienced the WPM in Washington, D.C., I knew this was part of my work on the planet at this time. I experience the SAT as an intensely clear, unyielding force for Truth at a time when the world is experiencing such divisiveness and chaos. Facilitating a group that is a channel for the SAT creates a powerful, transformative container for being with all these energies in a way that has to potential to enable regeneration towards harmony and wholeness.”

Kathryn, WPM Facilitator, USA 

“I experience the energy in me and around me lifting and raising up in very tangible ways. For example, I had a strong healing process happen over a short time during the WPM.  I get real energy boosts, that go very deep, shifting and benefiting me up in positive ways. Doing it in a group over zoom makes it so much stronger than doing it by myself.”

WPM Participant, Sweden

“I feel a strong connection to the others that join the meditation, and I sense a sincerity in the group. Afterwards I feel very peaceful and uplifted.”

WPM Participant, Sweden


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