World Peace Meditation Facilitator Training

This training is co-facilitated by Gandiva.

World Peace Meditation Facilitator Training

Next WPM Facilitator Training Starts April 26, 2021

The training prepares you to host the WPM for others. Over four sessions of two hours each, this training provides an overview of Sat Shree’s guidance for facilitators as well opportunities to practice with a support team.


Active study of Sat Shree’s teachings for six months

a sincere desire to collaborate with the intention of the WPM

learned the WPM from an established WPM Facilitator or Sat Shree

practiced the WPM for 21 consecutive days to allow it to stabilize in your system (this can be completed by the end of the training)

DATES: Mondays, April 26, May 3, May 10, May 17
8:30am-10:30am PDT/5:30-7:30pm CET

COST: $10

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This training involves two parts to prepare you to start your own WPM group. Part 1 is a 90-minute zoom session on “Hosting a WPM Group” where you will review topics on what to know and how to get started. “WPM Trio Practice” is Part 2 and involves you being part of a trio where each of you hosts the WPM with one other to become more comfortable leading the steps and finding your unique expression. An experienced WPM facilitator will join your trio as additional support.


  • Part 1 is held on the first Saturday of every month from 9:00-10:30 am PT/6:00-7:30 pm CET.
  • The Part 2 practice trios are organized to start immediately after Part 1. You and your two trio mates set the dates for practice that work for all of you. We ask that the practice is completed within four weeks after the Part 1 training to maintain momentum.

Note: Before leading a group, facilitators must have practiced the WPM for 21 consecutive days to allow the technique to become established in one’s system.

Part 1 – Hosting a WPM Group (Zoom Session)

We will cover the basics of hosting and starting a WPM group. Please bring whatever questions that may be emerging for you! We will experience calling in the Sat Force and invoking the Hiranyagarbhaya mantra as well as review and dialogue about these aspects:

  • Sat Shree’s guidelines for leading WPM groups
  • Review of the WPM four steps and how to teach them to people who are new to the WPM 
  • Tips for leading ongoing meetings  
  • Sharing of initial thoughts about your group and inviting people
  • Planning for Part 2 – WPM Trio Practice

Part 2 – WPM Trio Practice 

Sat Shree says what’s most important for new facilitators is to practice, practice, practice!  Over time, as the hosting role becomes second nature to you, your Being will step forward more fully. Detailed guidelines will be provided to support you use the practice as a learning opportunity. Generally speaking, here’s what happens in the trio practice:

  • You set a schedule with the others in your trio for each of you to host a one hour WPM practice on Zoom (three one-hour meetings). 
  • When it’s your turn, you will be the WPM facilitator. The others will participate as if they were new to the WPM. You will send a Zoom link prior, have the opportunity to say why the WPM is important to you, teach the four steps, and then lead everyone in actually doing them.
  • Afterward, everyone in the trio will have a chance to share what the experience was like, what you all are learning about facilitating the WPM, and what you want to keep doing or do differently next time.

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