World Awakening Meditation Facilitator Training

Introductory Training

This training prepares you to host the World Awakening Meditation for others. Over three sessions of 1.5 to 2 hours each, this training provides an overview of Sat Shree’s guidance for facilitators as well as opportunities to practice with a support team.
This training involves three parts to prepare you to host your own WAM group:
Part 1 is a two-hour zoom session to review Sat Shree’s guidance on how to lead the WAM practice with others while being a pure channel.
Part 2 involves three two-hour sessions where you and two other new facilitators each host the WPM with one other to become comfortable leading the steps. WAM support team members will guide your trio’s practice.
Part 3 involves individual mentor support as you take the next steps to host the WAM for ongoing or new groups.
Note: Before leading a group, facilitators must have practiced the WAM for 21 consecutive days to allow the technique to become established in one’s system.
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WAM Support Team:

Chaitanya/Lilia, Parame/Lina, and July




Host a Group

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Types of Groups

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Facilitator Training

New Dharma offers initial training for people interested in facilitating a group.


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