Types of Global Groups

World Awakening Meditation Groups

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The WAM is a unique opportunity to be a channel of transformation for the Earth and humanity in this transitional time.  The purpose behind the WAM is to expand the vibration of peace in the collective consciousness so that Truth Consciousness can manifest and the current cycle of evolution can continue to unfold.

In combining a silent mantra with a breath technique, the WAM brings the Sat Force into the physical creation, starting a process of transformation within our own bodies. This converts lower energy into higher energy, which when it is released into the collective atmosphere, uplifts the planetary vibration, bringing the vibration of peace into the world.  The technique establishes our link with the Sat Force: it brings the Force down from the universal, through the individual, and then back out to the whole planet.

Gita Study Group

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The Bhagavad Gita is the foundation of Sat Shree’s teachings.  It provides us with truths one can experience directly through one’s own life. It is a practical spirituality; a spirituality that can be lived day-to-day in a modern world. Yet this path is as ancient as man himself, it is the eternal wisdom, the eternal scripture.

Sat Shree strongly recommends that those interested in studying the Gita form a Study Group that meets on a regular basis to study, inquire, share, and put into practice the teachings of the Gita as something you can experience directly through your own life.

Groups will have access to the materials on the online Gita Study Course including videos and audio recordings of Chapters 1 – 18. For example, you may watch a video of Sat Shree’s commentary on a specific chapter, followed by a discussion and inquiry on how these teachings have impacted your life. 

The Mother Book Study Group

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“The Mother” is a book about surrendering to the Divine Mother.  It is a handbook; a body of information that is tangible and distinct that can be applied to one’s own life.  “The Mother” book was written by Sri Aurobindo who wrote “The Mother” to help people in their community align their consciousness with a new force of consciousness which he called the “Mother” force or the Supramental.

Groups will have access to all “The Mother” book audio and transcription materials that are available on the website.  For example, during your meeting time, you may choose to read a chapter of “The Mother” book, listen to a segment of Sat Shree’s revelation on a particular chapter, discuss the material and share how these teachings practically apply to your lives.

The Bhagavad Gita Revealed Study Group

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The Bhagavad Gita Revealed is Sat Shree’s revelations of the Bhagavad Gita revealing the nature of the spiritual journey from awakening to merger with the Supreme to becoming a channel of the Supreme into the world.  What makes this book unique is that it carries the spiritual power of the revelations of Sat Shree.

The opportunity of studying the Bhagavad Gita Revealed in a study group is that a synergy is created that enhances the power of these revelations. 

Inquiry Group

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Inquiry groups are designed to explore Sat Shree’s teachings in a deeper and experiential way. True inquiry invites us to look deeply within ourselves and it has the power to connect us to our true and unchanging nature, beyond the mental concepts and stories. Deep inquiry also reveals the hidden aspects of ourselves that keep us small, bound, and unable to know and manifest our Divine nature.

Facilitating these inquiry groups is mostly recommended to those that are already familiar with facilitating study groups or have completed the Global Training Program.

Silent Sitting/Meditation Group

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These groups are a way for individuals to gather together locally to listen to Sat Shree recordings; watch his videos and/or to simply sit in silence and stillness. Groups may choose to simply sit in silence for an hour each week. Some may listen or watch a video or audio recording of a Sat Shree talk. For example, one week you may choose to sit in silence and stillness for one hour, or, you may review a portion of a talk from the website and then have a discussion/inquiry on what has been revealed ending with a silent sitting.

Sister Circles

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Sister Circles provide a safe space for deeper processing around common themes that impact women. It is a place to connect and create community with other women who are on a similar journey of self-discovery, learning from the experiences of others, and being given the space to be yourself without rules or judgement. It also provides an opportunity for exploring the shadow side of the feminine such as fear, betrayal, self-doubt, competition, jealousy, treachery, and whatever else shows up. It is a place of allowance where women are invited to celebrate and hold each other in the process of finding their true authority and expression.

The Sister Circles are inquiry groups where we incorporate embodiment practices. They are part of the Women and Spirituality program and are inclusive spaces for all female identifying, non-binary femme leaning people, and transgender women.

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