Study Groups Facilitator Training

Training co-facilitated by Jaya (Amanda), Satyadevi (Annie), and Kalipriti (Ullrika)

“Leading a Study Group is an opportunity to step more deeply into the teachings in your life as well as to allow others to come to greater clarity and understanding in their own experience of the Truth of who and what they are.”

~Sat Shree

Initial Training for Facilitating Study Groups

Upcoming training dates TBD

Thank you for your interest in becoming a facilitator of a Global Group Study Group.  

The Initial Training is for those who have completed the Global Training Program or have been sanctioned by Sat Shree to facilitate a study group, focusing on The Bhagavad Gita, The Bhagavad Gita Revealed or The Mother Book.

This training has two modules. Each module is listed below and the topics to be explored and discussed are outlined. Your participation and questions are always welcomed. 

Your attendance at both meetings is strongly recommended.  If you must miss one, please talk with the facilitators to see how that can be made-up.  

This training is offered 2 or 3 times a year generally. Dates may vary according to other New Dharma programs and activities. Please click on schedule training to check the dates for the next training, or contact for more information. 

The first module will include the following:
• The Opportunity of Study Groups
• Being a Study Group Facilitator
• Creating a Study Group
• Preparing to Facilitate a Study Group

The second module will include the following:   
• Facilitating the Study Group & Holding Sacred Space
• Using Inquiry to Explore the Teachings
• Support from New Dharma

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