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Host a New Dharma Global Group

Hosting a New Dharma Global Group is a way for you to bring the teachings of Sat Shree to your own community. By hosting a Global Group, you support your own personal growth and receive and give support to each other. Groups are available online or in person globally.

There are a number of Global Group types available for those who wish to host or to join online or in person. Many individuals come together regularly to study Sat Shree’s teachings of the Bhagavad Gita or the Mother Book or to study Sat Shree’s book, The Bhagavad Gita Revealed. Others meet in Inquiry, World Awakening Meditation or to simply sit in silence. All of Sat Shree’s teachings are made available through video and audio at no cost. Groups are offered free in person and online.

Hosting Guidelines

  • Global Groups have no formal affiliation with New Dharma and operate independently from New Dharma.
  • No individual facilitator is sanctioned as a teacher representative of Sat Shree’s teachings at a Global Group.
  • Small groups are perfectly fine and there is no expectation or pressure to increase or limit the size of your group beyond what happens naturally and organically.
  • Global Groups must meet on a regular day and time. The facilitator for each group is responsible for updating information for the website, including changes in time, place, etc.
  • The facilitator commits to informing participants of any changes to the regular meeting day, time, and location
  • Groups may be offered at no charge, or by donation
  • Facilitators have agreed to follow the specific guidelines for hosting Global Groups which includes study groups, WAM groups, inquiry, and meditation groups.

If you have reviewed and agreed to the guidelines listed above and wish to host a New Dharma Global Group please email the Global Group coordinator at:

for World Awakening Meditation at:


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Facilitator Training

New Dharma offers initial training for people interested in facilitating a group.


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