Global Groups FAQ

What is a Global Group?

A Global Group is a group of individuals facilitated by a volunteer host who come together on a regular basis to study Sat Shree’s teachings.  The Global Groups serve to support each one’s personal and spiritual growth, to receive and give support to each other and to create fellowship among the participants. This has an impact not only individually but collectively in consciousness. 

Please be aware that the Global Groups have no legal or official affiliation with New Dharma and therefore do not represent Sat Shree in any official way.

What types of Global Groups are there?

There are several Types of Global Groups available for those who wish to host or to join. Many individuals come together regularly to study Sat Shree’s teachings of the Bhagavad Gita or the Mother Book or to study Sat Shree’s book, the Bhagavad Gita Revealed. Others meet for Inquiry, World Awakening Meditation or simply sitting in silence. These teachings are made available through video and audio at no cost.

Are the hosts facilitating the groups sanctioned as teachers by Sat Shree?

No host is sanctioned by Sat Shree to act as a teacher or representative of his teachings in any way. All hosts are volunteers who have chosen to form a Global Group as a way to support their spiritual growth and the growth of others. 

How can I become a Global Group facilitator?

To become a Global Group Facilitator, it is required that you have prior participation with Sat Shree or in New Dharma events and programs as well as familiarity and alignment with Sat Shree and his teachings.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer facilitator for a Global Group, we ask that you review the guidelines under Host a Global Group and contact a Global Group coordinator below for further details and information.

United States, Canada and other regions: 


What do I need to do to join a Global Group?

There are no special requirements to attend other than the aspiration to learn and study the teachings.

How do I join a Global Group?

Visit the Types of Global Groups page. Contact us at the email given for the group you are interested in joining.

Are the Global Groups monitored by anyone from New Dharma?

Global Groups operate independently from New Dharma. The Global Group support team gives support initially (3 months) to assist the facilitators with guidance and suggestions for the groups. The Global Groups support team is also available should anything arise within the group that is more challenging than the host or participants can address by themselves.

Is there any support during the year for the facilitator?

Facilitators can contact their initial mentor as needed for any questions or support.

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Facilitator Training

New Dharma offers initial training for people interested in facilitating a group.


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