Global Groups

Hosting a New Dharma Global Group is a way for you to bring the teachings of Sat Shree to your own community. By hosting a Global Group, you support your own personal growth and receive and give support to each other. 

Sat Shree has found that when people connected to him conduct a global study group or host a meditation group, a remarkable spiritual acceleration occurs not only for that person but for those in the group they are facilitating.

Sat Shree encourages the New Dharma community, worldwide and locally, to host their own Global Groups focused on his teachings of the Bhagavad Gita, The Mother Book, The Bhagavad Gita Revealed as well as Inquiry groups, World Awakening Meditation groups and Meditation groups. Groups are offered in person and online.

Please note that the Global Groups are led by volunteers. Each group operates independently and is not under the supervision of New Dharma. Each Global Group facilitator is a volunteer and not sanctioned as a teacher by New Dharma or represents the work of Sat Shree.  Each group facilitator has agreed to follow the guidelines for hosting a Global Group.

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Types of Groups

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Facilitator Training

New Dharma offers initial training for people interested in facilitating a group.


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