New Dharma Staff

Amy Howard

Director of Operations

Amy joined New Dharma in 2016. She has spent the last two decades keeping a variety of international organizations running productively and efficiently—whether a construction firm, start-up company, an executive training group, the local PTA, or her own family. 

With this breadth and depth of experience, Amy has developed a trademark blend of business acumen and interpersonal skill that gives our team—and our participants— a huge advantage. When you work with Amy, you’re working with someone who understands our priorities, mission and does not stop working until a job is completed to her exacting standards.

Amy’s number-one priority is making a positive difference in people’s lives, whether they’re families in the neighborhood who need a helping hand or individuals across the globe who need to know they’re working with someone they can trust to nurture a long-term relationship.

Natalie Laster Jones

Event Coordinator

Natalie Jones is the New Dharma Event Coordinator and has worked for New Dharma since 2015. Natalie has a background in the arts and has been singing and acting professionally for over 15 years. Natalie creates, organizes and facilitates all New Dharma events and works closely with the operations manager, social media, webmaster and the fundraising departments as well.

She has been privileged to travel internationally with New Dharma and enjoys meeting all of our great community members all over the world. 

Ashish Jaideva Juyal

Social Media & Content Development

Jai Deva handles social media and content development for New Dharma. He has organized New Dharma retreats in Rishikesh, India since 2017.

Jai Deva is an adventure enthusiast, holds more than 10 years of experience organizing professional adventure tours, treks and events in the Indian Himalayas. He enjoys doing his job, it provides a wonderful opportunity to advance his spiritual journey under the guidance of Sat Shree.

His favorite quote from Sat Shree is, “Awakening is the beginning of enlightenment”.

Christina Nellemann

Webmaster & Graphic Designer

Christina Nellemann has been working as the New Dharma webmaster and graphic designer since 2009. She also works with the social media and audio visual teams and in a consulting capacity for all aspects of New Dharma.

Christina has been a freelance web designer and writer for non-profits and small businesses for over a decade. When she is not working she loves to garden, hike and camp in the desert and mountains, and travel around the world.


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