Welcome to the New Satya Mandir

Our Story

Sat Shree’s work has proceeded in stages since it started back in 2009.

THE FIRST STAGE was to establish a physical place where he could develop his individual teaching and training program.

We now have five houses, each of which is its own training facility where people come together, not only to immerse themselves in the spiritual atmosphere, but also to engage in various study groups and programs that go on weekly.

We are now providing live video broadcasts for our programs, allowing people to participate remotely from all over the world. In response, a spontaneous, worldwide expansion is now occurring for this message and path. Even at this beginning point we are now reaching hundreds of people in a growing number of countries around the world.

The New Satya Mandir

To broadcast Truth Consciousness into the world.

The Satya Mandir will be a modern audio/visual broadcast studio from which Sat Shree’s message and teachings can be shared worldwide, as well as a temple where his force can establish itself.

A dedicated facility is now needed where we can bring in the latest interactive video technology under one roof, allowing Sat Shree to interact with individuals and groups all over the world and create new programs and greater opportunities for participation that are unique to each area of the world,

All from our center in beautiful Washoe Valley, Nevada.

We have been working for years to create this special space. We bought the land, did the research, developed the drawings. and are now ready to bring this vision to fruition.

The new 2,000 square foot Barn/Studio will be divided into two sections. One section will be for the live broadcasts, the other for support functions such as office operations and private sessions. The building itself is designed to be barn-like in appearance to fit into the surrounding neighborhood and rural area.

The current estimate for the development and construction of this building is $500,000. This is a design-build estimate by a respected local contractor. Landscaping and contingency funds bring the final estimate costs to run 15-20 percent higher before the project is finished, incurring approximately another $75-100K in additional expenses.

Please help us support the SECOND STAGE: the construction of the Barn/Studio that will allow Sat Shree to bring his teachings and the SAT force into the lives of the people throughout the world.

Your gift will help build the new Satya Mandir where Sat Shree brings his teachings and the SAT Force into the lives of people throughout the world.

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