To be able to bring forward dharma we first have to come to a place of beingness where the world is subservient to our purpose, all the other things we have made important are subservient to our purpose… How to bring forward dharma? For most it is this incremental coming out of the structure of life and gaining a quality of being that brings fulfillment that is not dependent on any of the other things that you were seeking. This drawing of inner fulfillment from your own self. If you are not doing that, then you are not on the spiritual path.

A shift in perspective

To bring forward dharma really isn’t something that we do, it is something that starts happening and we learn to respond, it comes up into our lives either from within us or around us, that brings us an opportunity to create out of nothing, to bring forward something that hasn’t been brought forward for you, a new way to be, to hold, to see. A shift in perspective. These shiftings are the sign that you are making progress, you have been tapping into the foundational source of being that you are. One of the recontextualizations in my teachings is that bad shit is good news; you want to lean into what you don’t want to feel. It is a process of shedding, letting go of our thoughts and beliefs that have been adequate up to now. Life will bring in what’s needed once we set an intention to bring forward dharma. The universe will start collaborating to show you what needs to be seen and met.

We are all road kill

The universe, Truth, is always looking for a way to manifest itself in you. The person that you are is collateral damage, road kill. As long as you are identified with road kill you are going to feel flattened, squashed and picked on. So when you ask to bring forward dharma, you better be clear on what you are setting in motion in your life. The forces that are at work in the universe are such that there is an imperative — right here, right now — for the world in which each of us who are in any degree awakened have a role to play. Our job is to play that role and create the structures in our lives that support us in playing that role and take it seriously. And to not believe what your mind tells you. The ego’s tendency will make what you are wanting to do next more important than bringing forward truth.

I am a crack in the Universe. I am the fracture. I am the destroyer and the creator. I am that void into which all things are absorbed and lost, and disappear forever, and out of which everything new and real and true is born. And for me this is normal. This is me as the apparent plain truth. Very few can tolerate what it is that I am. Very few know how to be with it. It is not their fault. It is just that we are trained to be just the opposite, to take on content, to be a person. And it has its role to play. But the world is making a shift and my mission is to bring people up to their highest possibility so they can play their part in this shift.

So I am a stand for this, but it is not something that I do, it is what I am and that is what I am inviting you to be — a stand for a new possibility of being for mankind. Get out of our little mopey story about ourselves, our emotional baggage and our trauma and our rationalizations and justifications for what we want and to become that stand for something true and real to come into existence, to take us out of this bullshit, to take us out of this lie, the subterfuge, the deception, the obscurity, bigotry, hypocrisy, ignorance, the hatred, the distortions, the belief systems that have locked in for millennium the consciousness of man. And we all carry a piece of that. And the way we become capable is by meeting the piece that we carry. The more awake you are the greater your responsibility. And why do we do this? Because of love of mankind. Because of love of this world. It is a huge love. We will sacrifice everything for that love. It is so precious what we have. Impossibly precious.

Bring something new to the world — every day

Through our little story making and dramas we lose the perspective and we lose access to the purpose and this huge capacity to serve that purpose that lies there in the heart of each of us. To give ourselves over to such a work, to such a task, there can be no greater undertaking. To serve it in whatever little way we can with whatever capacity that we have, and to pray for the ability to expand our capacity over time. And make that our mission. Not our security, not our comfort, not our assurance of a good death, not our enlightenment even. But to be useful, to serve the world. So that is the dharma that I am bringing, the original dharma for every embodied being who has come to the same state of consciousness. It is not some happy Bodhisattva kind of thing, it is a resolute, absolute willingness to bring something totally new into existence, and again new, each day new, each time new. It is this zero point energy. Out of this place of emptiness arises all the energy of the universe. With this energy comes the strength and clarity, the will and grit to bring this absolute original condition of being into here and now, in time and space, to make space for something new.


This talk was originally from the New Dharma Tucson events held in October 2015.