The state of revelation is when the universe opens up for just a moment giving us a glimpse of the inherent Truth of existence. It is a state of such intensity that the veil that obscures and binds us dissolves like mist before the sun, allowing the inherent reality to shine through, if only for a moment. The revelatory state is not just a state of mind; it is a state of consciousness, beyond ordinary thinking and knowing. It is a state on the journey of consciousness from ignorance to knowledge, from obscurity to illumination.  It is indicative of a process that all of mankind is engaged in, knowingly or not; a journey to our true nature. As consciousness progresses on this journey, our ‘light’ becomes brighter and brighter until a fundamental shift occurs and one begins to live in the revelatory state.

Consciousness is the radiance of an inherent reality, the source of all existence. We are this consciousness. It is an indescribable splendor that is obscured due to the veiling of the content of our mind, life and body. This content masquerades as if it is real, obscuring and binding our consciousness with unknown, unexamined, untrue assumptions about ourselves, life and the world about us. This content absorbs and veils our inherent splendor preventing us from experiencing the truth of our self.

Revelation is a sudden shift in our ability to see and experience this inherent reality. It’s as if a light bulb has gone on and the dim room we were in is suddenly seen more clearly and in greater detail. This shift allows us to directly see and/or experience the hidden or unexamined assumptions, beliefs, ideas or hopes that veils this reality. In the revelatory state these veils of untruth are thinned or removed, allowing the underlying reality to shine through.  Most revelations are momentary glimpses of a state of being that has yet to come. If one sincerely pursues what is revealed then these glimpses become more and more frequent until one reaches the revelatory state of being.